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Jim Rose Remembers Radio November 24, 2014

Jim Rose Remembers Radio November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 [Monday] Issue #1358 PASS IT ON! SIGN UP! Send Your Comments And Radio Stories Please Include Your Full Name, City, State And Country & ALL THE NEWS THAT IS NEWS GRADUATE DIRECTOR DRIFTS AWAY Around Christmas 1967, Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft) shocks … Continue reading

WHISNews21 Information Station

  • WHISNews21 Your Very Own Online Newspaper: This online Newspaper has been created by Wildhorse Entertainment for Independent Artists worldwide to publish their Latest News to the world. If you have any news or suggestions please forward it to us so that together we can make this the biggest and most read Independent Artists Online News website in the entire world.
  • How To Upload Your Independent Artists News on WHISNews21......Just mail us with your article and if possible supply us with a picture relating to your article. We also need your name and your permission to publish the article. If you send us an article that we find newsworthy we will post it and add your name, web address or email to the bottom of the post.
  • How To Upload Your Music for Free Download ........ Just mail us a short note confirming that you want you song featured on Wildhorse Entertainment for free promotional download, and we will add it free under the new arrivals of International Free Worldwide Downloads" section. However if you want us to feature your song with a professional  banner, and a Virtual audio file there will be a small fee for our time. You will then need to send a picture of yourself or your band plus the song in mp3 format of not less than 128kbps. Once we receive all this we will do all the rest for you. Your banner release will be made up and forwarded to you for your approval. It is as simple as that.

WHISNEWS21 preferred time zone is [CST] Nashville Time

Perhaps time zones were created just to confuse people. However as WHISNews21 is a South African based Online News Web Site our preferred Time Zone is the same as Music City USA, Nashville Tennessee. Which means when most South Africans wake up, most of Nashville goes to bed. So if South Africa is 8 hours ahead of Nashville then Nashville is 8 hours behind us. If you are still confused don't worry just be as happy as you can be ...

Our joke of the day sometimes old & weak but we will try hard to make you smile even if itsa Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie little bitty smily whily try

A guy runs into the bar and says, "Quick, pour me 5 shots of your best scotch." The bartender pours them and the man drinks them as fast as he can. "Wow that's the fastest I've seen anyone drink," says the bartender. "Well you'd drink that fast if you had what I had," "My Goodness," the bartender says, "What do you have?" The man replies "50 cents."

the Name, place and contents of this picture, we received via email is being kept secret to protect millions of innocent pictures worldwide

Our Tip Of The Day May Not tip you but we really do hope it helps you

Conquer fears like: public speaking, heights, claustrophobia and other anxieties, in five easy steps When anxiety and fear comes in follow these five steps: 1.- Anticipate, permit and accept that fear will take place. 2.- As you feel anxious focus in the present, use all your senses to detect your surroundings. 3.- Rate your fear from 1 to 10 and feel it as it goes up and down. 4.- Question yourself, “What am I feeling?”, “ What exactly is happening to me?” 5.- Learn to perform with fear, feel good about yourself, and accept fear as normal.

the Name, place and contents of this picture, we received via email is being kept secret to protect millions of innocent pictures worldwide

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For the record Barbara receives no money from Apple 4 this IPad plug

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