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WCTR’s Christmas Time Radio Heroes ‘The Millers’

WCTR’s Christmas Time Radio Heroes ‘The Millers’

WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio New Addition We would like to welcome our Newest Christmas Songwriter Heroes Roger ‘Glenn’ Miller and Roberta Miller to Christmas Time Radio Introducing The Millers Latest Christmas Hit’s “Christmas Day” “Christmas Is” will from this day forward play on Christmas Time radio Forever Christmas Time Radio is committed to be on the … Continue reading

WHISNews21 Information Station

  • WHISNews21 Your Very Own Online Newspaper: This online Newspaper has been created by Wildhorse Entertainment for Independent Artists worldwide to publish their Latest News to the world. If you have any news or suggestions please forward it to us so that together we can make this the biggest and most read Independent Artists Online News website in the entire world.
  • How To Upload Your Independent Artists News on WHISNews21......Just mail us with your article and if possible supply us with a picture relating to your article. We also need your name and your permission to publish the article. If you send us an article that we find newsworthy we will post it and add your name, web address or email to the bottom of the post.
  • How To Upload Your Music for Free Download ........ Just mail us a short note confirming that you want you song featured on Wildhorse Entertainment for free promotional download, and we will add it free under the new arrivals of International Free Worldwide Downloads" section. However if you want us to feature your song with a professional  banner, and a Virtual audio file there will be a small fee for our time. You will then need to send a picture of yourself or your band plus the song in mp3 format of not less than 128kbps. Once we receive all this we will do all the rest for you. Your banner release will be made up and forwarded to you for your approval. It is as simple as that.

Our joke of the day sometimes old & weak but we try for a smile

3 drunk guys entered a taxi. The taxi driver knew that they were drunk so he started the engine & turned it off again. Then said, "We have reached your destination". The 1st guy gave him money & the 2nd guy said "Thank you". The 3rd guy slapped the driver. The driver was shocked thinking the 3rd drunk knew what he did. But then he asked "What was that for?". The 3rd guy replied, "Control your speed next time, you nearly killed us!""

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Our Tip Of The Day just in case you need it

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last .- Winston Churchill

Every industry has its secrets some are hard to believe, do you?

Dave Hax Back By Popular Deman

Pictures below placed for some stress relief and perhaps a tiny smile

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6 days to go.

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