WHISNews21 Wishes all who visit us Merry Christmas

WHISNews21 Wishes all who Visit Us a Merry Christmas

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We wish you all the very best for the Christmas Season and remember, that we will be praying for you all this Christmas for we need you all back in 2022, not even to talk about the years to come. Enjoy the Festive Season as best you can, responsibly and try your best not to force anyone to do anything they dont want to do. We are looking forward to spending 2020 with y’all. Make yourself happy, pursue your passions & be the best in what you do this Christmas Day and in the year to come. Take care if not for yourself, then for us all. Take care not to divide us and in the process stand to loose all our freedoms.

So remember to love, laugh and live completely today and every day here after. Have a blessed Christmas and if you are away over the New Year have an awesome new year!!!!!  And May our God be with you each step of the way. With all our love and warm wishes.

God bless you ALL and thank you for being so good to us, we feel so blessed for your friendship and support during 2021

Frans and Cathy Maritz


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