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Clare Dunn Steps Into Christmas With Holiday Single

Clare Dunn Steps Into Christmas With Holiday Single

Clare Dunn ‘Steps Into Christmas’ With New Holiday Single This funky cover is sure to get anyone in the holiday spirit! Christmas came early for Clare Dunn fans when she dropped new single “Step Into Christmas” on Friday (11/8). The holiday tune was originally written and performed by legendary performer Elton John, becoming an international hit in … Continue reading

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  • WHISNews21 Your Very Own Online Newspaper: This online Newspaper has been created by Wildhorse Entertainment for Independent Artists worldwide to publish their Latest News to the world. If you have any news or suggestions please forward it to us so that together we can make this the biggest and most read Independent Artists Online News website in the entire world.

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This is just a little Something To Make You Smile on this day

Bread Humor: At the zoo I noticed a slice of toast in one of the enclosures. I asked the keeper, “How did that toast get into the cage?” “It was bread in captivity,” she replied.

Donna Cunningham hands Allen Karl his Independent Superstars HOF Award

Our joke of the day sometimes old & weak but we try for a smile

Love Note Marriage Jokes: On their second anniversary, a husband sent flowers to his wife at the office. He told the florist to write “Happy Anniversary, Year Number 2!” on the card. She was thrilled with the flowers, but not so pleased about the card: “Happy Anniversary. You’re Number 2.”

Our Fact of the day for those who love facts

Fight Club Meets Starbucks: The movie Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, was released in 1999. Here is a little fact about this movie. Director David Fincher let it be known that there is a visible Starbucks cup in every scene in the movie. Next time you are watching this film, you have something else to look for now. How easy it is for the media to influence us ….don’t you think?


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