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Hear Kenny Rogers say ‘Goodbye’ In Forgotten Ballad

Hear Kenny Rogers say ‘Goodbye’ In Forgotten Ballad

Hear Kenny Rogers Say ‘Goodbye’ In Rediscovered Ballad A Fond Farewell From a True Legend Kenny Rogers delivers a final farewell in the emotional track “Goodbye,” a newly-rediscovered track which now takes on a whole new meaning. “Goodbye” was one of the last songs Rogers recorded during a brief tenure with Capitol Records — and before … Continue reading

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This is just a little Something To Make You Smile on this day

Half His Friends: Him: “Since Mr. Wilson has lost his money, half his friends don’t know him anymore.” Her: “And the other half?” Him: “They don’t know yet he’s lost his money.”

Our joke of the day sometimes old & weak but we try for a smile

Is That All You Can You Say?: The boss called one of his employees into the office. “Rob,” he said, “you’ve been with the company for a year. You started off as an office clerk, one week later you were promoted to a sales position, and one month after that you were promoted to district manager of the sales department. Just four short months later, you were promoted to vice-chairman. Now it’s time for me to retire, and I want you to take over the company. What do you say to that?” “Thanks,” said the employee. “Thanks?” the boss replied. “Is that all you can say?” “I suppose not,” the employee said. “Thanks, Dad.”

Our Fact of the day for those who love facts

Most Powerful Pirate: With control of over 1750 pirate ships and 75,000+ men, Ching Shih, a former prostitute, was the most powerful pirate. She was born in 1775 in China, with a birth name of Shil Xiang Gu.


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