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Miranda Lambert ‘Fooled Around And Fell In Love’

Miranda Lambert ‘Fooled Around And Fell In Love’

Miranda Lambert & Friends Cover ‘Fooled Around & Fell In Love’ “The girls on the Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour can sing their asses off” Miranda Lambert is marking the start of her Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour with a special new throwback collaboration, covering the smooth-rocking “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” … Continue reading

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This is just a little Something To Make You Smile on this day

Heard It: Little Mary talking to Little Johnny: I found twenty cents on the sidewalk. Little Johnny: That’s mine. I dropped a twenty-cent coin there this morning. Little Mary: But, what I found was two ten-cent coins! Little Johnny: That’s it. I heard it break when it hit the ground.

Our joke of the day sometimes old & weak but we try for a smile

Engagement Ring Return: Michelle: I hear you broke off your engagement to Rob. Why? Irina: It’s just that my feelings toward him weren’t the same any more. Michelle: Are you returning the ring? Irina: No way! My feelings toward the ring haven’t changed one bit!

Our Fact of the day for those who love facts

A Dazzle of Zebras: What do you get when you have a dazzle of zebras? Simple. You get a collection of 3 or more of the black and white striped mammals that belong to the horse family of the animal kingdom. A collection of zebras is also sometimes referred to as a “zeal” or “harem” of zebras.

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