Do College Kids Really take Song Lyrics This Serious?

LukeBryan001Country Singer Sings About Girls on the Beach

These College Students say it Makes Him Sound Like A Pervert ?

Oh Yes according to some this is really disgusting an old man performing for kids
Oh Yes according to some this is really disgusting an old man performing for kids

I was kinda shocked to read a college students comments on some Luke Bryan song lyrics. I wonder what they think about the Rap songs which are extremely derogatively to woman. But then I suppose these college students are OK with the rap artists because they are mostly anti establishment, and singing Sex and Bitc*es and therefore cool in their opinion.  Country artists are still respectful most of the time and therefore they must be criticized for singing about girls partying on the beach etc. I don’t know who this college student is or even which college she attends as the comment was found in a major online news website, but I am sure she is no country fan

Is this what these college students prefer over country song beach girls
Is this what these college students prefer over country songs about beach girls

First of all we like Luke and think he is probably a nice MAN. Our problem is that he IS a man and we are young college students and it is creepy to hear and watch a 30-40 year old man singing about girls and partying on the beach, etc.. It makes him look like a pervert. Another thing that has us upset is that we do not like to be exploited in songs about shorts, our butts, shakin it, etc.. We do have some intelligence and resent the thought in song that we are all about showing off our bodies, drinking and flirting with guys (as if that is the only way to get a guy)(Actually, we want a guy that respects us and likes the fact that we are intelligent and have more on our minds than partying—although we like to party occasionally). Some of the young girls like that kind of songs and references to them but we do not like it at all and we have talked with a LOT of other female students that resent it to the max.

Well there you are I thought I would just share this comment with y’all, it is truly in line with the new way of thinking the world has been brainwashed into accepting. Destroy and criticize everything that is good and clean and fresh and applaud and accept everything bad and evil. I cannot change the world but it seems the liberal people can they have the power to say and do anything and everything they want to and the conservative people just look the other way or bury their heads in the sand.

It is always the innocent and the good who loose the most, and mostly, no one ever cares  – WHISNews21

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