Life and Times Of Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

I was sitting with Pete Drake in his office when he told me about the album he was doing for Ernest Tubb. Ernest did his vocals first. Then Pete secretly got all Ernest’s artist friends to sing duet parts on it. After Pete got all the guest vocals on it, he played the surprise for ET, who teared up.

In the 1970s we did “The Three Couples Tour”: with Jack Greene & Jeannie Seeley, George Jones and Tammy Wynette, and Misty Morgan and me. Now those were Good times.
Today I went outside and was surprised to find the real world. The sky was exactly the color of my monitor screen, the sound of the birds was in remarkable stereo, and the dogs, cats, and people were cleverly animated. There were no pop-ups unless you count the butterflies, and they carried no advertising. The entire display was completely wireless, which was fortunate,
because I could find no wall plugs on the horizon.
Miami, early 1960’s. Misty and I were just coming off being homeless and on the street, when a couple of musicians who had always snubbed us asked us to fill in on their gig because they had something better to do for two nights. It was in Hialeah near the race track and a winner came in and tipped us $100, like $1,500 today. We almost passed out! We never told those guys about the tip. Why make them cry?
Misty and I used to stay up all night listening to the Ralph Emery show on WSM, often with Tex Ritter and Marty Robbins. WSM Nashville was a 50,000-watt clear channel station, broadcasting to much of the world.