2021, Are You Friend or Foe? For we Don’t Know

Will 2020 Forever Be Known As The Year We Lost Our Freedom

Are You Worried About New Lockdown rules being Planned in the Boardroom

Will 2021 bring us all the peace and prosperity we all strive for or more of the doom and gloom we are accustomed to by now? No one can really tell. If it is left up to the politicians and the ones who rule the world then I have not much hope for any of us. The current rulers of the world and I am not talking about the governments, have only their own selfish and evil interests at heart, and will never create a world of peace and goodwill for us all. There is talk about war everywhere, even good people are not left alone to live their lives in peace and are manipulated and forced daily into a new way of thinking. Yet it seems there is nothing the ordinary man woman or child can do to change that.

Noah03I am starting to understand why God finally decided to destroy the world. For he knew there was no way that people would change, so the best was just to wipe everyone out and start again with Noah and his family. For if all that is prophesied in the Bible comes true, then looking around me is it not time for the world to be destroyed again and this time by fire? I for one would never be able to make that call, can you ? I, as do many other people who live between all the heartbreak and sorrow of each new day have to find a happy place somewhere, even if it’s in our hearts. For if we are happy in our hearts no one alive can change that. We believe that our God will sort out the good from the bad, and as stated in our Our Lords Prayer, deliver us from evil.

“As we all stand at the door of a new year are we better off in many ways than our own good people were a hundred years ago ?”

The reason Britain went to war hardly worth it to most but war there had to be

Over 100 Years ago the world was at War, a war started only for the sake of successfully changing the world from the old order to the new order. The first World War where thousands upon thousands of young men were to die, for no other reason but to change the world from the old to the new. Britain won that war with the help of their allies which included my Grandfather who was a Corporal in that war. It is so sad, that he could have died in the great war for Britain, Europe, and America. Yet today, I who proudly carry his name cannot leave South Africa and go and live and work in the very countries my Grandfather fought to protect and almost gave his life for, how fair is that?

Young Girl Victim of the British genocide in 1901 Concentration Camps, South Africa. Picture colored by FM
Young Girl Victim of the British genocide in 1901 Concentration Camps, South Africa.

More Than 100 years ago the Boer Nation’s name, identity, and heritage were to be changed, by their invaders Great Britain, to the Afrikaners. This was done to forcefully divide and conquer forever the Boer Nation, and cover-up Great Britain’s Holocaust and hide the war crimes against the Boer Nation. It is just over 100 years ago since the British murdered over 30000 Boer children, half the Boer Nations children, and raped and killed almost 10000 Boer woman in Nazi-like concentration camps in the Republic’s of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State, now stolen from the Boer Nation and included into the new lawless, South Africa. That war was started so that the gold that was discovered in the Republic of the Transvaal could be taken by the invaders, and that at all costs. Thousands of good people from Britain, who were not even aware of what they came here to fight for, and South African Boers who had to defend their Republics against all odds, had to fight a war the ordinary British soldier and Boer Commando did not need or want to fight but were forced too. The only difference was that the British soldier was forced to fight by the Queen and the Boer commandos had to fight to protect their families, farms, and their very existence as a nation.

Masks soon bigger problem than plastic straws. However, masks contaminate straws cannot True or false?

So today are we really a little better off than we were 100 years ago? After all, we are not being invaded by marching armies anymore, but by being killed in the safety of our own beds in our own home towns and cities. We should be thankful that at least we don’t all have to go to a foreign country to be killed anymore. The flu virus, sorry I mean the Corona Virus has been used to scare us to death and confine us all to our homes at night, and forcing us with the threat of imprisonment to wear masks. It is now virtually impossible, believe it or not, to buy food and visit public places without wearing a mask. So 2021 are you friend or foe?

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With all that said, today there are millions of people living on this planet, and the ones like you and me, hopefully, will all take a positive attitude and be thankful that our ticket has not yet been called. For now, we are all still hopeful safe, and happy in our own little space, perhaps like me, not my happy space, but nevertheless safe for now, living and breathing on this wonderful planet we all call home.

In closing I want to stress that I am not negative or depressed about the future, I am just someone who thinks he knows what is real, what is not real, what is a fact, and what is not a fact. People who live in a dream world always wake up shocked and traumatized by reality.

I wish every single living person on this entire planet a wonderful and happy New Year and if you are intending to do something bad to someone take the time to consider this, that today it is them you do it to, tomorrow it will be you they do it too and you can take that to the bank.


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