DJ’s Worldwide Do You Need New Music Delivered 2 U?

To get your music Played you need a DJ

DJ’s Worldwide Do You Want New Music Delivered 2U?

Disc Jockey’s & Radio Stations We Respectfully Request Your Email 4 Music Deliveries


This is a request to all radio DJ’s worldwide, please send us your email address so that we can deliver some hot new music direct to your mailbox. We know you already receive a lot of music but as you are a DJ you also know that for every 100 songs you listen to there is only about one or two that can be played on your radio shows playlist. We don’t want to bombarded you either, so if you feel we are, you can just unsubscribe to our mails and you wont be sent any more new music from today’s hottest Independent Artists. This request to our hard-working and professional DJ’s also includes radio stations. Please help us to help our artists get their music to you.   I Frans Maritz Personally guarantees that I will not abuse your email box once you have supplied it me and give you my word that it will only be used for information sent from Wildhorse Entertainment. I Thank you in advance and offer every single DJ who supplies me their Email an open door to have News Worthy articles published on WHISNews21.

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– Signed Frans Maritz 2015

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