Mormon Help For Homeless Afrikaner & Boer People ?

BoerChildren001Mormon Help For Homeless Afrikaner & Boer People

There is a massive shortage of American truck drivers, by about 30,000.

semi trailer 16 (trucks green truck work rig cargo transport)Of the 300,000 over the road truck drivers in the U.S., about 50,000 are from Russia, about 10,000 from Somalia and about another 20,000 from other countries. I know of one from Zimbabwe, but I know of no Afrikaners  or Boers who are driving truck in the U.S. This is unfortunate, considering there is a massive shortage of truck drivers in the U.S., and, from what I’ve seen on the Internet, there are tens of thousands of homeless Afrikaners  and Boers living in tent cities. I drove truck over the road (48 U.S. states) for three years.

BoerChildren002I’d be more than happy to go to South Africa, live in a tent, and teach good men (and women) how to drive truck in the United States, and how to pass the Commercial Driving License exams. Each State in the U.S. has its own CDL exams, but they are almost completely identical. OTR (over the road) truckers in the U.S. live in their trucks, which has radio, often satellite radio, sometimes refrigerators and satellite TV.

BoerChildren004Truckers spend most of their nights at modern truck stops, which has clean showers, fast food restaurants, shops, and TV rooms with Internet access. Some of the larger truck stops also have barbers, and a few have dentists. A few even have strip clubs, but those are very rare. I’d be more than happy to spend six months, with no pay, living in a tent, teaching Afrikaners and Boers to drive truck in the U.S. Just give me a tent, or half of one, one meal a day, and a fairly large tent to teach in. The next question would be: how do you take these men, who now “know” how to drive truck in the U.S., and get them to the U.S. to get hired driving trucks? That’s the hard part.

Once trained men, and women, can get to the U.S., they don’t need a place to live, because they’ll live BoerChildren003in their trucks. They must go for two months of over-the-road training with a Trainer, after which point, they are on their own, living in their truck, driving. A first year U.S. truck driver makes about 34,000 dollars a year. Not bad. Also, after driving for 8 months, you can lease your own truck, on bad credit, no money down, and make twice or three times that amount. And you can live in your truck, eat and shower at truck stops, and send a lot of your money back to your family in South Africa.

I used to be a Mormon. I was even a Mormon missionary. I’m not Mormon any longer. But, I know that the Mormon Church is very wealthy. They own a lot of land and businesses in the U.S. They take in tens of billions in tithing each year. They are very “Public Relations” conscious. If they get enough letters, asking “Can you help the homeless Afrikaners and Boers in South Africa?” then the Mormon Church will help, in a big way. All they need to do is ask. Really. That simple. “Can you help the 850,000 homeless Afrikaners and Boers, many with children, living in tent cities in South Africa?” That’s all you need to say. In English or Afrikaans.

whitepoverty03Mail your letter to:

The First Presidency
Church of Jesus Christ LDS
50 East North Temple Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

During the Ethiopian famine a number of years ago, the Mormon Church sent over 100 million dollars in food, medicine, cash, and other help. If the Mormon leaders get enough “letters” asking for help, they will. Perhaps they’d be willing to sponsor men and women, trained as truck drivers, to come to the U.S. and be hired by trucking companies. We can only try. We can only ask. Again, there is a huge shortage of truck drivers in the U.S. Most Americans don’t want this job, because you’re away from home 95% of the time. But, I would guess, that homeless Afrikaner & Boer men, and women, living in tent cities, won’t mind working at this job, and sending their money back to their families. After a year of working as a truck driver, they can bring their family to the U.S. I have no idea why the Nederlands and Germany aren’t helping the homeless Afrikaners originally from the Netherlands and the Boers from Germany by taking them as refugees. They are your blood. Please print this letter in your newspapers. Please, all of you reading this, write to the Mormon leaders in Salt Lake City. If they get enough letters, they will help.

Thank you.

 – Darrick Evenson. Portland, Oregon, USA.

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