AirplayTube Available as a Free Service at VideoExpress

AirplayTube Viewed over 10000 times Within First 24 hours of Going Live  

AirplayExpress has recently launched its AirplayTube as a free service to all AirplayExpress artists who choose to promote their musical videos thru VideoExpress. AirplayTube has one, and only one mission to accomplish and that is to give Radio stations and Disc Jockeys more of an insight into the artist’s music via the artist’s video.

Radio stations and DJs receive thousands upon thousands of new Independent artist’s songs every month and because of that, it becomes harder and harder for them to listen to each and every song that arrives in their mailbox every minute of the day. So most of the time, as we all do, they choose their songs by the packaging. I know of many DJs who don’t even read an email if it only contains an mp3, an unknown artist’s name, and a bad picture/quality of the artists. Therefore to compete with the best of the best in the world the music delivery package needs to be as professional and exciting as possible.

Now the aim of AirplayTube is to give the DJs and Radio stations an opportunity to browse through the list of new Independent Artists, see what they look like, read a short bio, scroll through and view all their previous releases and listen to their latest release. By doing that they will have a better understanding of the artist’s music plus they can make a better decision on whether they will add the song to their radio or video playlists.

Artists who use VideoExpress to promote their new videos can also have the pleasure of knowing that their fans, friends, and family can also go to AirplayTube to view their videos at any time day or night wherever they may be in the world at that time unless AirplayTube is instructed not to do so by the artist.

AirplayTube will not at any time allow any direct video or song downloads from AirplayTube unless specifically instructed to do so by the artist in writing/email. if Radio and DJs want to download they can simply click on any AirplayExpress button and be transported directly to AirplayExpress where a quick search will find them the song and artist they are looking for.

AirplayTube is a free service to all Independent Artists taking advantage of the Video Express promotions. AirplayTube is sponsored by AirplayExpress in the interest of all Independent Artists worldwide who want their music to be heard and their videos to be viewed.


 – WHISNews21 [2021]

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