Can you Believe Scotty McCreery’s Married for 3 years

Scotty and Gabi Celebrate 3 Years of Marriage and All’s Well In the” McCreery KIngdom”

This June Country music star Scotty McCreery celebrated three years of marriage. Gabi and Scotty were married on June 16, 2018, in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. If you “have not yet viewed Scotty’s, “This Is It” then click below to see actual footage from the wedding. You have to admit, that is something really special and like they “and that’s not all’  Scotty also sang the song to Gabi at the wedding reception. Scotty commented on Instagram “Feels like just yesterday we were up in the North Carolina mountains saying I do. Love you more & more every single day! Thanks for doing life with me!

– WHISNews21


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