Even George Strait has a Birthday Every Year

George Strait a Country Music Legend From The Lone Star State, Texas

George Strait who was born in 1952 recently celebrated his 71st birthday on May 18. Born in a small town just south of San Antonio Texas. It seems that George finally took music seriously while in High School. With a little help from his friends, they performed together playing mostly Rock N Roll music. However, it did not take George long to start playing Country music as that was the thing in Texas. Strait said in an interview at the time that live music is very popular and important in Texas, and if he had not started playing live shows at that stage he would never have been ready to play the big arenas that were waiting for him later on. He admits that he still gets nervous performing live. Well, it all turned out well for today Strait, is a superstar and a living Country music legend. His star will shine bright forever, something most Country singers can only dream of.


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