Dennis Quaid Helps Out On Bellamy Brothers New CD

Keep A Lookout For The New Bellamy Brothers Cover Tunes Cd

A cover version of the hit, “I Can Help” a previous hit for Billy Swan and Elvis Presley has just been released by Country duo “The Bellamy Brothers” with a surprise featured artist, namely the world-famous movie star and musician, “Dennis Quaid”. Personally, I prefer the “Billy Swan” version but then that’s just my opinion. This golden oldie cover is part of the upcoming “Bellamy Brothers Cover Project”

Bellamy fans can look forward to a whole bunch of great old songs, the Bellamy’s admit they had so much fun covering the hits of the past. Apparently, all the covers are not country, but then about that we can do nothing I suppose we will just have to pick out the songs we love and let the rest be the rest (lol)

– WHISNews21


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