AirplayExpress Rewards Artists Hits with Gold & Silver

AirplayExpress Rewards Artists Biggest Hits with Gold & Silver

Over 100 Gold, Silver and Video Awards sent out To Artists


AirplayExpress has been around for less than 5 years and has managed to shake up the industry with all its innovative and new ideas. Many others have started doing the same but AirplayExpress looks at that as part of doing business in a very competitive business. Artists who have received Platinum and Gold disc awards in the mail over the past 30 days have replied to us with absolute excitment in their emails.

Most everyone have been extremely pleased with their awards, some have framed them and hung them up in their homes, offices and even in their music rooms. Others have been showing them off to the press and have gotten glorious newspaper write ups on their wonderful achievements.

Now this coming week AirplayExpress has over a dozen Video Awards to hand out and those lucky and deserving artists will receive their AirplayExpress, VideoExpress award in the mail. These are for artists who have released their videos on VideoExpress and the awards are given out for those who have reached an extremely good viewing rate over a short period of time while promoted by VideoExpress.

Airplay Express has had numerous songwriters, producers, promoters, radio stations and even Disc Jockeys ask why they didn’t get an award.  They feel like their contribution and promotion of the song should garner them an award also.  They even pointed out the fact that Record Labels give Gold and Platinum awards out to many people in the music business  and not just the artist..

With all that said AirplayExpress admits it does not have the time to prepare and send out all the extra awards but understands, and have outsourced the work to a third party. They have agreed to send out all the extra awards at a cost of $35 per award by email. But AirplayExpress must confirm if the person deserves the award and qualifies for the award, as no awards will be given out just for the fun of it. The money charged by the third party, is just for their work, and is still way below the cost of preparing the extra personalized awards.

AirplayExpress congratulates all the artists who have received awards and give the artists the insurance that these awards will not end here they will be issued every month to those who qualify for them.


– Wildhorse Entertainment 2018


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