They Should Have Called It “The Tammy Wynette Story”

The New Country TV Show “George & Tammy” Is It Truly A 100% True Story?

The relationship between George Jones and Tammy Wynette may have been tumultuous, but they made some great music together. There are liberties taken with a series like this, of course, in which Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain play George and Tammy, respectively. Is there really a difference between reality and fiction? How accurate is the portrayal of George Jones’ actions in the movie? Did he really do everything that is alleged of him and did he really react the way the movie portrays him? Since I am a huge George Jones and Tammy Wynette fan, I may be biased. As a result, I must be honest and say that in my opinion, many of the scenes were dramatized the way they always are in movies. My only concern is that the movie is marketed as a true story, and all this dramatization makes my hero seem like a terrible, terrible person, and I’m not OK with that.

The George &Tammy show or “The Tammy Wynette Story” with George perhaps cast as the bad guy. What do you think?

– WHISNews21

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