Do Your Friends Really, Really Care About You?

Do Your Friends Really Care About You?

Can You Really Stand Up and Say You Really Care About Your Friends?

Some people seem to have so many friends and when looking at them, it seems that they all care for each other, but do they really? Magazines write about how we need friends and how we will live longer by just having friends. But what is a friend? Do we really know and will we ever know? They say a friend in need is a friend indeed, yet who can stand up and say they have friends like that. Well, truth be told some of us probably do, but I am almost 100% sure that most of us do not.

When you find yourself in trouble and need to speak to a friend about a little help be it financial or just to talk to, do you find that they are just too busy and will get back to you as soon as they can? Or when you speak to a friend who has more money than they will ever need in their lifetime yet will not offer a little financial help. That same friend will turn around and say to you, “We will pray that things come right for you soon.” Yet no help financial or otherwise will be offered, would it be that they really are not your friends, or do they secretly wish you will fall down and disappear so they don’t feel guilty that they can help, but won’t?

Here is something we found on Facebook, we won’t mention the names but I am sure you all will relate to these comments:

It seems that I am always the one checking on my friends. I am beginning to feel as though they don’t want to be in my life because they never call me to say I’ve been thinking about you… I’ve heard it said that if someone doesn’t contact you it’s because they don’t want to. I guess I am starting to get the message

Why must I always be the one to call my friends and ask them if they want to meet up for coffee, I am going to stop calling them and see if they ever call me again. It makes me wanna cry it is so sad.

I am not sure if my friends are my friends, they told me if I ever have a problem I should call them and they will help me. So as it happened I did need them, and when I did ask them they said they are sorry but they cannot. No what must I think? Were they just pacifying me when they said, if I need help I must just ask?

I am going to leave it there as I could probably find hundreds of comments but I am sure you all get the picture. In closing all I can say is if you are one of the lucky ones that has a true friend, keep him or her close for they are without a doubt worth their weight in gold.

 – Facebook 2020


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  1. Awesome, Frans.
    We all are busy.. But at what point does BUSY become TOO BUSY?
    I have so many Facebook friends who always gather around me when I need them. I love that… But WHO reaches out without being asked to first?
    I love all my friends and when they come to mind I try to reach out regardless of how busy I am at the moment.
    We all need each other.