Is Country Music Safe Under Liberal Democrat Rule?

Is The Future Of Country Music At Risk Of Being Censored, Banned? 

With all the one-sided news coming out lately it seems that if the far-left administration does not have a love for Country Music and believes it is a threat to national security will they just go ahead and close down all Country music Media?

It has become clear that America is deeply divided and with the desperate efforts of the politicians of the left to mask anyone who disagrees with them, how long will it take to gag Country Music. It has been alledged that if you love Country Music then you must be Conservative, and there is the problem. If the conservative voice is being gagged, censored, banned then surely Country Music will also be on the left’s agenda, as it is also alledged that liberal minds don’t love Country.

So what chance does our beloved Country Music have in a world that has no time, place, or tolerance for the Conservative way of life which includes good ole Country Music?

 – WHISNews21

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