Obama Proudly visits Country That’s Killing Whites

Obama Proud to visit Country where over 100,000 Whites have been Murdered

As former US president Barack Obama prepares to return to South Africa, (where over 100,000 whites have been murdered because of who they are) for the first time since he left office, ahead of next week’s annual Nelson Mandela lecture, he has paid homage to some of Africa’s best writers. In honour of former President Nelson Mandela’s centenary next week, the annual lecture will focus on “Renewing the Mandela Legacy and Promoting Active Citizenship in a Changing World”.

Ahead of the lecture, Obama wrote on his Facebook page that he was proud to have visited Africa more often than any other sitting president before him.

He praised the continent for its “wonderful diversity, thriving culture, and remarkable stories”. “In South Africa, the Obama Foundation will convene 200 extraordinary young leaders from across the continent and I’ll deliver a speech to mark the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth,” he wrote.

“Kenya, of course, is the Obama ancestral home. I visited for the first time when I was in my twenties and I was profoundly influenced by my experiences – a journey.”

Obama never mentions a word about the ongoing Genocide In South Africa so it can only be assumed that he is OK with it. Please take the time to voice our opinion below ……..

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