White Woman Shot Like a Dog Inside Kennel

kathleen-kathy-van-coppenhagenWoman who hid from attackers in dog kennel has died 

A grandmother from South Africa tried to hide from her attackers in a dog kennel Shot four times last week, has died.

Kathy van Coppenhagen (Netwerk24)

Kathleen (Kathy) van Coppenhagen and her husband Frik, both in their late fifties, were attacked on their smallholding when they took their bullmastiffs outside at about 23:00 on Friday, Netwerk24 reported.Police spokesperson Salomé van der Westhuizen said Van Coppenhagen was kept outside while her husband was taken into the house to open the safe. Her husband heard the four shots but could do nothing because the BLACK robbers had tied him up and put a bag over his face.Her husband later managed to free himself and went looking for his wife.

He found her in the dogs kennel with four bullet wounds.

He then ran to the neighbours and the police were called. Kathy was taken to hospital where she fought for her life, but she died on Wednesday evening.

Her daughter Samantha Willemse said on Thursday that she was having a tough day and didn’t want to talk about the matter. The police are investigating a case of house robbery and murder as they have with the previous 100,000 white genocide murders in South Africa.

– Parts from news24

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  1. Yes that is what is happening in South Africa White Genocide and the world is watching and doing NOTHING