South African Black Monday Genocide Files #011/020

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Here is The 1st of 1000’s of True Stories Out Of The South African Genocide Best Seller

The people below are real people who were murdered for no reason other than being White

It is Impossible To Name all the victims but here are a Few

The government used to recognize that farmers were targeted in exceptionally brutal attacks,

but are now in total denial as the crisis prevails in South Africa and the world.


Genocide File #011 & #012 February , 2012 Charles and Joey Botha, Limpopo S.A.

Charles en Joey Botha WHISNews21
Charles Botha, 72, and his Joey Botha, 71 Murdered

Charles Botha, 72, and his Joey Botha, 71, Charles stabbed and sliced in the head, back and legs, Joey  face bludgeoned, apparently with a brick left for dead in bedroom February 2012 The devastated family of the Limpopo couple murdered on their farm this week cannot stop thinking of the brutality of the killings, a relative said on Friday. “It keeps on coming back to us how cruel it was,” said Gert Raul. The bodies of Charles Botha, 72, and his wife Joey Botha, 71, were found on Wednesday, two kilometres apart, on their farm Kaalvallei, near Naboomspruit. Charles Botha’s Achilles’ tendons had been sliced and his wife’s face bludgeoned, apparently with a brick. Police reports indicated that Charles Botha was stabbed and sliced in the head, back and legs, and his wife attacked and left for dead in her bedroom. “It is like jungle execution, they were saying: ‘just take them out and kill them‘,” said Raul. The old man’s body was found some distance from the farm house, in bushes. “How did he experience this torture? They cut his heels and tortured him. The sad thing is, there was no theft. Their weapons, cellphones – they were all still there.” The Bothas, who had farmed cattle for close on 25 years, did not employ any farm labourers, except one man who has disappeared since the murders. “Most of the time the couple did the work themselves,” Raul said. He said there was no indication of the impending tragedy. However, he believed that “the fact that they did most of the work alone, means they took employment out of peoples’ hands”. “Of course, people would come asking for jobs… The last people to see Charles and Joey alive were two of their sons, Deon and Callie. Meanwhile, South African Police Superintendent Malesela Ledwaba said no progress had been made in the police search for suspects, and no motive had been established.

Genocide File #013 October 11, 2014 Chantelle Jacobs, Heidelberg S.A.

Chantelle Jacobs Murdered

Chantelle Jacobs, lost her life after being shot several times with no mercy by four blacks: Chantelle a beautiful young woman who arrived at her place of work, lost her life when she was who shot several times in her chest and one to her abdomen by black gunmen leaving the premises. The same blacks also shot her fianceè who was lucky to survive the attack with two bullet wounds to his left leg and right arm. Chantelle was the mother of two beautiful young children who will now have to grow up without the love of their Mother, who was violently murdered in cold blood by black gunmen. No arrests have been made and the incident has been labeled as Crime, yet this is nothing other than a Genocide execution. Chantelle a young white mother could not possibly have been a threat to the four adult black genocide soldiers, who had no problem killing a young white girl in the prime of her life. Nothing will change in South Africa until the world recognizes that genocide is in full force in South Africa. Tomorrow it will be another Mother, Daughter, Father, Son or family member.

Genocide File #014 January 05, 2015 Malcolm Green, Estcourt S.A.

Malcolm “Stick” Green, Murdered at 69

Malcolm “Stick” Green, was gunned down by four black men:  They forced their way into his Estcourt farmhouse in the early hours of Monday. The prominent farmer was shot and wounded in the stomach and died of his injuries. “I don’t know what to do now. We have been trying to sell the farm for years, and now I have no husband and I will be here; it could be me that’s next,” said his widow Ruth on Tuesday.  My husband was old and to me this is a tragedy. He had such a good relationship with the labourers on the farm and we just needed to go and now he’s gone,” she said. Third death in seven years: His death brings to three the number of relatives killed in farm attacks in Estcourt in the space of seven years. In 2010, Green’s second cousin Lynnette Ralfe, 64, was shot dead on the family farm Doornkop near Estcourt. Her husband Nigel, 70, was wounded but survived. Nigel was believed to have been milking his cows in the late afternoon when four men approached him and asked to buy milk. They then shot him in his left side and neck before dragging him up to the farmhouse. When his wife tried to force her attackers out of a bedroom, one of the men shot her three times through the door. In 2007, Green’s cousin David was shot and killed in front of his wife Dorothy on their farm on the outskirts of Estcourt. David Green had arrived home in the afternoon and had been on his way to check on his sheep when he was shot in the back by a former employee. Dorothy said she watched as gunman Nkosithemba Ntshaba walked past David’s body and into their home. “All I wanted to do was try and save my husband, but I knew he was gone. He walked outside after stealing our cellphones and then ran off down the driveway,” she said. “He destroyed our family all for greed. He took my husband away and took a grandfather away. This is how it is, to live constantly in fear that someone will take your life,” Dorothy added

Genocide File #015 March 01, 2015 DR. Louis John Botha, Waterberg, Limpopo, SA

Dr. Louis John Botha
Dr Louis John Botha Murdered 64

Dr Louis John Botha [64] Mutilated Body Found Hidden On Farm: According to limited news reports in South Africa, Louis-John Botha was alone an his farm when he was murdered, while his girlfriend was visiting friends in Pretoria. After she could not get hold of him on Sunday, she called the neighbours to go and check on Louis. The neighbours found blood on the front porch and inside the home. The safe had been opened. Trackers and the canine unit were called to the farm and Botha’s mutilated body was finally found the next day, hidden some 200 meters from the farm-house. Newspapers reported that a 64-year old man had allegedly been murdered. Genocide Files asks, if he was found dead and mutilated is he allegedly dead ? Our thoughts and hearts go out to his family knowing that nothing can be said to make them feel better at this or any other time in the future. As always the government denies these are hate crimes and tries to hide them in the assault and robbery files.

Genocide File #016 March 13, 2008  Hein De Jager Pretoria North, Transvaal,  SA

Hein De Jager [29] Killed in cold blood
Hein De Jager [29] Killed in cold blood
Hein De Jager [29] Killed in cold blood: Hein was holding up his arms in surrender by seven black men when he was shot dead by one of them in cold blood at a Pretoria hardware store for R900 less than $90. An eyewitness said she was at Dreiers Hardware and was talking to an employee when two men came in and stood very close to Hein who sitting at his desk. She could hear them talking, but not what they were saying. “Hein looked surprised. He moved back a little and then raised his arms. When his arms were halfway, the man nearest to him seemed to push him and then I heard a shot,” she said. “Hein fell straight from the chair with his hands still up… I turned around because I did not want to see what was happening.  A cashier, testified that she was talking to Badenhorst when she noticed someone come in and go to De Jager. Then she heard a voice say: “People, we want your money” and a gunshot. She saw a man with a smoking gun in his hand and two others pointing firearms at her. These genocide soldiers seem to be above the law and therefore appear to have no fear of being captured. It is also very clear that they must have come in the store filled with hatred for the white man and looking to kill one on that day, and so they did without mercy or remorse, and it just so happened to be the young 27 year old while male, Hein De Jager, so tragic so sad.

Genocide File #017 February 15, 2015  Wayne Alberts Boksburg, Guateng,  SA

Wayne Alberts [32] Brutally Murdered
Wayne Alberts [32] Brutally Murdered
Wayne Alberts [32] Brutally Killed in cold blood: Albert’s body was discovered in a veld in Kliprivier on February 15. Alberts’s parents were notified of their son’s death one month later after he was reported missing. Alberts was last seen around 9.40pm in Madley Street, Boksburg North. He was on his way to his parents’ house when he went missing. Two days later, three black people were caught in the vehicle Alberts was driving by the Sunnyside police. A firearm, drugs and electric cables were allegedly found in the car. The three black suspects were arrested and charged with illegal possession of a firearm. They appeared in court on February 18, but the case was withdrawn for further investigation and the suspects were then released. The Boksburg North Police detectives continued with the investigation of the two suspects who are now facing the charges including theft of motor vehicle, possession of unlicensed firearm , possession of stolen property and possession of illegal substance. Wayne Alberts leaves his wife and three daughters behind.  Another Genocide victim in a country where white people are killed like wild animals just for the fun of it. It seems that way anyway.

Genocide File #018 March 2, 1996  Guido Biallo Krugersdorp, Guateng,  SA

Guido Biallo Shot in cold blood for $90
Guido Biallo killed for $90

Guido Biallo [68] Brutally Killed in cold blood for $90 by Blacks: Guido was shot dead in front of his Pizza House Restaurant La Taverna, in Krugersdorp on March 2, 1996, South Africa. His wife was busy locking up the restuarant when two black men overpowered Guido while walking to his car. He was shot in the chest. The two black men fled with R1000 [$90] and a small basket of food the Biallo’s were taking home for dinner. Guido is survived by his his wife Antonia, 2 children Marina and Giovanna. 4 grandchildren… Alex, Dimitri, Elena, Matthew, Gina, and one great grandchild Anastasia. The blacks have till this day not been arrested and it is very clear that no attempt has been made by the police to apprehend these Genocide Soldiers for as with all previous Hate Crimes in South Africa it is simply filed under robberies gone wrong. It’s another Genocide victim in a country where white’s are killed like wild animals just for the fun of it and the proof is then buried in the ground.

Genocide File #019 March 17, 2015  Jakes van Deventer Warmbaths, South Africa

Jakes van Deventer died after being stabbed almost a dozen times
Jakes van Deventer died after being stabbed multiple times

Jakes van Deventer [35] Stabbed as much as ten times by 3 Blacks while 4 year old daughter asked the blacks. “Please Sir don’t hurt my Daddy”: Jakes and his wife were attacked while sleeping in the safety of their bed in their home. Both Jakes and his partner Monique put up a frantic fight while the blacks tried to rape Monique. She managed to fight back stabbing one of the blacks with his own knife after being viciously beaten and kicked and threatened with a knife against the throat. After the blacks fled Monique survived with four broken fingers and unfortunately Jakes died from almost a dozen knife wounds. The first responder said when he arrived at the scene of the horror attack, the home looked like a slaughterhouse.   Jakes last words to his wife was, “Look after the children” And so another file is opened as genocide continues unabated South Africa.

Genocide File #020  December 11, 2014 Dr Rensia DeWet Nelspruit, South Africa

Dr Rensia raped and murdered in her home by blacks

One of the South Africa’s top veterinarians Dr Rensia DeWet was found dead with multiple stab wounds at her house, Mpumalanga police. Goods were stolen from Dr Rensia’s house after she was raped and murdered in her wooden house on an estate near White River, Nelspruit in South Africa. She was a prominent veterinarian and horse nutrition expert and a big loss to the community. Police said Tuesday that the neighbors had found her body around 16:30 in the Nottinghill Equestrian Estate. “Her home was ransacked,” Mohlala said. “A case of burglary is also being examined, although there was no sign of forced entry. “Her phone is definitely gone and we have heard a rumour that she also had a laptop, which still could not be traced.” As always the Black Genocide Soldiers are still not found and this hate crime will go unsolved. Even if the racist genocide soldiers are found they will be found guilty and free in less than 5 years. South Africa is the hunting ground for white people and hunting season is in full swing. 


 It is a fact that thousands of whites have been brutally murdered in the last 20 years, by the Genocide Soldiers in South Africa. The purpose of this series is purely to honor and remember the innocent victims of a ruthless force operating unabated in South Africa. All the information above has been collected from the internet via, google, newspapers and social networks. The Genocide Files will be continued only as time permits. Thank You.


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