South African Black Monday Genocide Files #001/010

Genocide FilesheaderHere is The 1st of 1000’s of True Stories Out Of The South African Genocide Best Seller

The people below are real people who were murdered for no reason other than being White

It is Impossible To Name all the victims but here are a Few

The government used to recognize that farmers were targeted in exceptionally brutal attacks,

but are now in total denial as the crisis prevails in South Africa and the world.


Genocide File #001 February 4, 2014 Rodene Van Der Walt Kempton Park South Africa

Rhodine Van der Walt
Rodene Van Der Walt, Murdered at 46

Rodene Van Der Walt, 46, was found shot dead with bullet holes in her torso in her own bed: Her widower Chris van der Walt, 49, said he had been visiting with his daughter and her friend on that Saturday-night and found his wife murdered. “Rhodine didn’t want to come with me. She struggles with insomnia and wanted to stay home. When I left the bedroom she had her handbag with her where she keeps her sleeping pills. I turned on the alarm before I left our home and at 20h00 went to see our daughter Shivorne 26 who lives with her friend in Farrarmere. “We played cards, visited, chatted and I left just after midnight,’ he said. He spent the evening with daughter Shivorne and earlier that day had gone shooting paintball with his other daughter Waldine, 27. It takes about half-an-hour for him to reach home from Shivorne’s house. When he arrived he saw that the back door had been broken into. “I walked down the hallway and saw the clothes pulled from the closets and scattered all over. The security gate which bars access to our main bedroom was also broken open. She was in bed. I took her hand, it was icecold.’ He said the SAPS and the emergency services he called showed up about 25 minutes later. The killers took his laptop, jewellery, and the video-recorder for the security cameras. Strangely, they did not steal the ring, watch and chain she was wearing. They did try to break open the safe. Chris van der Walt is in the private security business and Rhodine had worked for the past 11 years at Bayer pharmaceutical company, which also manufactures agricultural chemicals.

Genocide File #002 June 13, 2014 Jemima Lemmer, Pretoria South Africa:

Richard Lemmer, 84, and his wife, Jemima, 81
Jemina Lemme Murdered at 81

An 81-year-old woman Jemina Lemmer from the east of Pretoria has died after being tortured with an iron in her home. Jemima Lemmer and her husband, Richard, 84, were attacked in their home by four young black suspects at about 1.30am on Friday. “Richard was attacked with a hammer and the Jemina was burnt with an iron,” police spokeswoman Captain Marissa van der Merwe said. The couple was tied up and after being hit in the face with a hammer, Richard managed to get help from his son Jan, who lives 300m from them on the same property. Police said the attackers were looking for cash in the house. After attacking the elderly pair, the assailants made off with two cellphones and a briefcase. The couple had been living on the property in Shere since 1967. It was not the first break-in. When Jan arrived on the scene, he called emergency services but his mother was already dead. At the time of the press report Richard was in a critical condition in the Wilgers Hospital.

Genocide File #003 June 30, 2014 José Antonio da Silva Middelburg South Africa:

José Antonio da Silva
José Antonio da Silva Murdered at 61

José Antonio da Silva dragged from car by black males, shot dead: It is still unclear why hijackers shot Jose Antonio da Silva (61) twice at close range before taking his vehicle. An eyewitness told police that the Nissan NP200 in which Mr Da Silva was travelling, stopped behind him at the Samora Machel Street and Dr Mandela Drive robot. Whilst they were waiting for the traffic light to turn green, a car came to a screeching halt close to Mr Da Silva’s Nissan.  Two armed men jumped out and ran straight to the driver’s door. Mr Da Silva was shot twice in the chest before he was pulled out of the vehicle and left by the side of the road. The incident happened blocks from Mr Da Silva’s home. One of the two robbers was seen fleeing the scene in the Nissan NP 200. Mr Da Silva, better known as Tony, died on the scene. Although the post-mortem results were not known at the time of going to press it is said that one of the bullets fired at him pierced his heart and lung. His cell phone as well as an undisclosed amount of cash was found in his possession. He was well-known as the owner of OK Grocer in the Komati Village and is described as a friendly man who would greet strangers. Mr Da Silva was a loved and respected man who was passionate about helping the poor. Mr Da Silva had no children. He leaves behind his wife Wilma.

Genocide File #004 July 01, 2014  Carl Wessels Hanover KwaZulu, Natal South Africa:

Carl Wessels
Carl Wessels, Murdered at 55

Carl Wessels, 55, a risk manager for Noodsberg Illovo Sugar Mill, his wife Wendy and two of their friends, had just arrived back at Christine and Robert Wilson’s farm to find a housebreaking and car theft in progress. Brian Jones, founder of SA CAN, said they were called by the SAPS and ER24 Advanced Life Support to assist with a house robbery and farm murder that had just occurred. ER24 found that there was nothing they could do for Wessels and he was pronounced dead at the scene. “Three suspects, one-armed with a knife, one with knobkierrie and one with firearm, accosted the couples. “During the robbery… an unforgiving, brutal murder took place,” said Jones. He said when the couples arrived at the home, the house had been broken into and the suspects were allegedly busy hot-wiring the car.“The suspects dragged them into the house and locked the door when the alarm went off and the suspects began to panic,” said Jones. When the alarm went off, Carl was shot dead at point-blank range before the suspects fled the scene on foot, leaving the car behind. Wessels was described by a friend as a gentleman who was well-known and loved by the community. If anyone could please supply us with a better picture of the late Carl Wessels it will be appreciated, send it to – WHISNews21

Genocide File #005 July 07, 2014 Rudolph Pretorius Groblersdal Limpopo South Africa

Rudolph Pretorius and his wife Hanlie
Rudolph Pretorius, Murdered at 54

Rudolph Pretorius, 54 of Groblersdal in Limpopo is dead after being shot in the face early Monday morning by Four black  attackers who apparently first poisoned 54-year-old, Rudolph Pretorius dog’s, and then broke into a bathroom window of the farm-house. The four black attackers broke in at about 4:30am. Rudolph’s wife Hanlie was first to wake up but was violently hit on the head with a gun. Nobody is sure what exactly happened after that, but it seems that a gunfight between the attackers and Rudolph broke out in which Rudolph was fatally hit in the face. The attackers grabbed the guns that belonged to the Pretorius’s and fled. For some reason in the confusion the attackers must have thought Rudolph’s wife Hanlie was dead as she survived the ordeal but was very traumatized and is currently with family. It appears as though the attackers were dropped off at the farmhouse to kill, and then picked up after the killing. No arrests have been made as in almost all of thousand of Genocide murders to date.

Genocide File #006 February 24, 2014  Johan van der Schyff, Garsfontein Pretoria S.A.

Johan van der Schyff, Murdered at 54

Johan van der Schyff, 54 of Garsfontein Pretoria is dead after being shot in the head by a group of black attackers who apparently fired three shots that missed Johan but a forth shot found the black killers target and killed him. It is alleged that a group of black men were trying to steal his car when Johan ran outside to stop them and in the pursuit he was shot dead. According to his lady friend, Corné she heard the shots and called the police, then found out the garage door was open and broken into and she believe Johan ran after them when they fled and that is when they turned and shot him.  Martin Louw the caretaker of the building said it was a great pity Johan had to die, as he was the kind of man who would try to be a hero by helping others. He will be sorely missed by his friends and family. Johan was also a father of three young children, two Sons and a Daughter, who now have to grow up without their Father. Johan now joins the growing number of whites who are being counted and included into the Genocide list. Like thousands of other genocide murders of White people in South Africa it is not known if any arrests have been made.

Genocide File #007 June 26, 2013  Roelof du Plessis, Pretoria S.A.

Roelof duPlessis
Roelof du Plessis, Murdered at 46

Roelof du Plessis, 46 from Pretoria was shot six times through the throat, lungs and abdomen by a group of black men. While lying in his bed at night Roelof heard noises outside his window at his home. He ran outside and to his horror, he found his 19-year-old son being held with a gun to his head by a gang of five armed black attackers. Father and son were ordered to lie on the ground. The invaders did not ask for money or the keys to the expensive vehicles in the drive. They were there only to terrorise and kill. Hearing voices outside, Laura, 44, came out of her bedroom to investigate — and her torch illuminated an awful scene as the gang pointed guns at her husband. Her son managed to get up and sprint off into the darkness when the black men were confused by the flashlight. But Roelof was not so lucky.  As he writhed on the ground in agony, the men ran off into the night leaving empty bullet cartridges littering the yard. In the darkness, Laura attempted heart massage on her husband, who could still talk despite his appalling injuries, but to no avail. Laura commented on the incident the day after: He was shot through the lungs and I was doing CPR,’ she told me, between huge sobs. ‘He said “please go and fetch the car and take me to hospital”. But he was too badly hurt and he died in my arms.’ In the morning, when white friends from neighbouring farms followed the trail of the raiders, they discovered the men had carefully cut through fences and skirted areas with security patrols — suggesting how closely they had planned their route of attack. ‘It is definitely coming down to a race thing,’ Laura du Plessis told me as she was comforted by her family. ‘They hate white people. We have never had a fight with any black people. I always stop and give others a lift. We employ black people. ‘My husband fought for me. I am grateful that he wasn’t tied up and forced to watch me being raped before he was killed. He was an amazing man. He was my life.

Genocide File #008 May 29, 2013  Jeandre Van Rensburg, Springs S.A.

Jeandre Van Rensburg, Murdered at 19

Jeandre Van Rensburg, 19, on May 29 2013  A Pakistani citizen is sought for questioning in connection with the murder of impoverished Afrikaner singer Jeandre Van Rensburg, 19, on May 29 2013 at a local nightclub. The youth, who sang for pocket-money in local night clubs – usually accompanied by his father — was found with his throat sliced through in a toilet of a club. He died in his father’s arms. Allegedly there had been death threats against the youth several weeks before he was killed. He told the family he had also been accosted a few weeks before his death by ‘five coloured men’.  There are two widely different media versions of this event.  His mother  Rozanne van Rensburg and others say that Van Rensburg was contacted by people in Pretoria who wanted to meet him ‘for a surprise party’. When he arrived — he and his father Jannie went to the venue together — the men who had arranged to meet him there apparently did not show up. So instead Juandre and his dad sat in the club – where he often sang for tip-money – drinking a few beers. At one stage Juandre said he had to go to the toilet and his father went with him. The two men had kidded with each other ‘talking nonsense’ which each other. Then Jannie went out leaving Juandre. As he went out he saw a man he referred to as an ‘Asian’ go inside the toilet where Juandre was alone inside. This man, he knew as ‘Ali’ and frequented the club, was inside ‘not for very long, not long enough to go to the toilet,’ the father noted. Then other people went inside the toilet and almost immediately ran out again, saying there was ‘much blood’. The man named Ali had by then apparently left the club. Juandre’s father Jannie rushed inside and found his son sprawled on the floor, with his throat cut. According to the description his son’s throat was cut by someone who approached him from behind. Juandre was still alive, and spoke to his dad who held him while waiting for emergency services to arrive. His son apparently told him “I am thirsty and I cannot feel my legs any more.’ Emergency services arrived very quickly and had apparently still found him alive, but he died shortly thereafter before he could be loaded into the ambulance. His mom, Mrs Van Rensburg said: “He knew he was going to be killed.” Juandre had remained at the club with his father also to earn some extra money and received R300 in tips for singing that night, she said in the telephone interview. The SAPS is not investigating a ‘robbery’,  only a murder.

Genocide File #009 & #010 February 9, 2013 Gordon and Lorraine Adam, Bethulie S.A.

Gordon, 78 and Lorraine Adam, 63 murdered

Gordon 78 and Lorraine Adam 63, stabbed to death in their sleep  February 9, 2013 The nature of the gruesome murder  on Afrikaners in the Free State by blacks confirms that this is a planned terror campaign. In Bethulie a third double-murder was carried out in a short period of time, this time on the devout Christian couple  Gordon 78 and Lorraine Adam 63, stabbed to death in their beds at night while they were sleep. Obviously they woke up and had to experience the terror of being stabbed multiple times without any mercy, before they died a horrible death. Outside the court, during the arraignment of six arrested “Born To Kill” gang members, some of their comrades,  clearly identifiable by their tattoos, – told the Volksblad newspaper that three of the  six accused men had to carry out these killings to be inducted into the gang. They also said the Adams couple were very active as missionaries amongst prisoners and that they were targeted for this reason. So the murder of whites continues into the future while liberal voices stand by in agreement.


 It is a fact that thousands of whites have been brutally murdered in the last 20 years, by the Genocide Soldiers in South Africa. The purpose of this series is purely to honor and remember the innocent victims of a ruthless force operating unabated in South Africa. All the information above has been collected from the internet via, google, newspapers and social networks. The Genocide Files will be continued only as time permits. Thank You.

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    I am the widow of late Leon Nieuwoudt that is now passed for 7 years. Imagine to my surprise when my daughter was researching for a thesis she came upon this article. The article brought back so many traumatic thoughts, even if the facts were not totally correct. I would like a call to discuss a few points if possible.
    Kind regards
    Ruby Nieuwoudt

    • Hi Ruby, If there are any points that are not exactly correct please mail me with them as all the information has been taken from newspaper, Google and social media which means there may be points that are not exactly correct and I do apologize for that. I have summarized these murders myself and my time is very limited. However I intend adding some more of these terrible acts of violence as time allows me to. I also try and keep the articles short and do it so the world can see what is happening in South Africa while they live in denial that it is actually happening. So please mail me with your points and i will look at them, thank you and even though 7 years have past I am terrible sorry that this has happened to you and your family.