South African Black Monday Genocide Files #021/030

The 3rd In a series of 1000’s of True Stories Out Of ‘South African Genocide Best Seller’

The people below are real people murdered for no reason other than being White

The government used to recognize that farmers were targeted in exceptionally brutal attacks, but are now,

as with all world leaders, in total denial as the crisis prevails in South Africa and lately the world.


Genocide File #21: July 18 , 2011. Leon Nieuwoudt (38) Aliwal North, South Africa

Leon Nieuwoudt (38) Shot twice in cold blood by black farm workers in possesion of stolen sheep
Leon Nieuwoudt (38) Shot in cold blood by blacks

Leon Nieuwoudt was shot twice in cold blood by two black thieves who were caught for stock theft. On July 18 Warrant Officer Leon Nieuwoudt (38) of the Stock Theft Unit in Aliwal North was overpowered by stock thieves and killed, near Eureka in Burgersdorp. After calling for help when he realized he would be overpowered by the farm workers he was later found dead with two gunshot wounds to his body. His official firearm was missing but none of his other possessions were taken. This is in line with the usual genocide murders on white people in South Africa kill them and leave them.  Leon was a family man and is survived by his wife and two kids. The farm workers have not been arrested and the killers  are free to kill again. If this happened in New Zealand the killers would have been in jail within a few hours, but then New Zealand does not have a Genocide policy in place against their white folk. Leon is  but another number in the on going Genocide war ignored by the world leaders right here in South Africa.

Genocide File #22: March 3, 2008. Estee van Rensburg (19) Faerie Glen, Pretoria, S.A.

Estee Janse van Rensburg Raped and Shot By Black killer
Estee Janse van Rensburg (19) Raped and Shot By Black killer

Esteé van Rensburg (19) found semi-naked, raped and shot in the head on her parents bed: Koos and Linda van Rensburg got the shocking news that their daughter had been found semi-naked, raped and murdered on their bed at their Faerie Glen, Pretoria home. She had been shot in the head. “My child is dead. She was my baby,” said a weeping Linda Van Rensburg. Irene who found Estee said, ” I saw her lying on the bed like a doll and there was a pillow over her face, I’ve never seen anything like that,”  Estee’s handbag, cellphone, her mother’s jewelery and other valuable items in the house had not been taken. This young girl who thought life was wonderful found out on that day that South Africa’s genocide soldiers had no mercy on her or her young body, she was white and had to be humiliated and killed at all costs. The killer was caught and sentenced, however he will be out on the streets again in less than 5 or 10 years a hero to his people. From reports published Estee was a promising ballerina and a Christian who only saw the good in people.

Genocide File #23 & #24: July 14, 2010 Kate (50) Graham Lizamore (62) KwaZulu-Natal

Graham(64)Kate(50) Lizamore Beaten To Death by blacks With a Hammer
Graham(64)Kate(50) Lizamore Beaten To Death by blacks With a Hammer

Journalist Graham Lizamore (62)and his wife, Kate Lizamore (50), beaten to death with a hammer by two blacks in their Pinetown Home. Graham was a former newspaper editor and Kate was also very well known and respected in the media business.The two black killers one male and one female who killed them, first bludgeoned Graham to death with a hammer and then they waited for his wife Kate to come home and did the same to her.  The blacks tied them up and bundled them into garbage bags and left them in a toilet for days in the sweltering heat of Natal where their dead bodies were eventually found by Kate’s sister, in the toilet. Graham also had his hands tied behind his back with a rope and the Kate’s head was covered with what looked like a refuse bag. Their bodies were already in a state of decomposition. “Nothing was stolen from the house and there was no evidence of forced entry”. The police managed to arrest the killers and they were sentenced. It is not sure if they are still in prison or already out on the streets looking for their next Genocide victims, as it is believed that most of these Genocide Murderers only get a few years and then set free again.

Genocide File #025: December 3, 2016 Mr Mark Hadiaris (55) Heidelberg Farm, S.A.

Mark Hadiaris [55] was Shot dead by black attackers for no reason other than hate
Mark Hadiaris [55] was Shot dead by black attackers for no reason other than hate
Mark Hadiaris [55] was Shot dead by black attackers for no reason other than hate. Then they turned to his wife and said, “I want to rape you” Their eyes were dark and evil and their message clear – they were going to rape and kill her. Ms Sue Hadiaris (49) still remembers looking down the long barrel of a large black gun. The man holding it was tall and thin with sharp facial features. His partner’s gun resembled his. They had killed her husband, Mark (55), just minutes earlier. “Take off your clothes. We want to rape you,” one ordered before she was fortunate enough to be able to reach the panic button. Four minutes later, Full Circle Security Services arrived. When the lights from their vehicles illuminated the crime scene, the perpetrators fled on foot. An ambulance arrived to take Sue to the hospital, but she refused to leave the scene before her husband’s body had been collected by the police’s forensic pathologists.  According to WO Gugu Phiri,  no suspects have been identified or arrested yet. This will be another hate crime covered up as a normal average robbery gone wrong.

Genocide File #026: June, 2016 Robert Turner (66) Haenertsberg, Tzaneen S.A

Robert ‘Okie’ Turner [66] beaten and killed while Debbie luckily survived the brutal attack
Robert Turner [66] a farmer from Haenertsburg South Africa was brutally attacked and murdered by black terrorists on his farm. Robert  Turner affectionately known as ‘Oki’  has died at the Tzaneen MediClinic after being brutally attacked in his farmhouse between 19:00 and 21:00 last night.  Two men, who did not speak Sepedi, attacked Oki. Oki was shot in the upper leg and had multiple fractures on his arms and legs. Oki’s wife, Debbie, was traumatically beaten and sustained lacerations and light injuries.

The black attackers, one of whom wore yellow shoes, made off with two handguns and all the cash they kept in the home. Oki Turner was very well known and loved in the Haenertsburg area. Despite an ongoing manhunt, the suspects are still at large and no arrests are expected. Another genocide victim who believed something like this could never happen to him.

Genocide File #027: August 4th, 2017 Eric Wiese (81) Higgovale, Cape Town, S.A

Eric Wiese [81] Beaten and Stabbed to death
Eric Wiese, [81] A former financial director of Naspers was beaten to death in his house in Higgovale, Cape Town, on Friday afternoon during a genocide attack recorded as usual as a robbery. It appears that Eric Wiese, 81, was surprised by a black man who tied him up before beating him to death, Wiese’s eldest son Andri said his mother was shopping and arrived home to find her husband dead. “She is struggling to process it, but she is okay for now.”

Western Cape police said Wiese was stabbed to death, but Andri Wiese said this wasn’t true. Police spokesperson Andrè Traut said several items were missing from Wiese’s property when police arrived. A case of murder and house robbery has been opened instead of a hate crime. No arrest has been made. In 1998, upon retiring as financial director of Naspers, he was awarded the Phil Weber award, the company’s highest award. And so the murder continues day by day night by night.

Genocide File #028: September 20th, 2017 Dr. Werner Emslie (55) Ellisras, Limpopo, SA

Dr. Werner Emslie (55) dead after being shot by four black men

Dr. Werner Emslie (55) a Doctor his wife and duaghter were attacked on their farm “Afguns” in Ellisras by four black men. Dr Werner Emslie and his family were attacked on Wednesday night at about 19:00 on the farm Goedehoop in the Afguns area by at least four black men, two of them armed. Police spokesperson Brigadier John Masia said the attackers shot and killed Emslie and wounded his wife Mariëtte and daughter Barbara.

Mariëtte, who is also a medical doctor, was severely assaulted by the black men, and was rushed in a critical condition to a Pretoria hospital for treatment. According to an acquaintance of the family, Barbara was also seriously wounded, but not as critically as her mother. The black men fled in Mariëtte’s car, which was later found abandoned near the farm. From there, they had fled on foot. Masia said no arrests had been made and the motive for the attack would be determined during the police investigation.

Genocide File #029 & #30: August 15, 2015 Hermien (88) Ruben Gouws (65) E.Cape SA

Hermien [88] Strangled and tortured Ruben [65] stabbed multiple times & beaten to death
Hermien Gouws [88]and her son Ruben [65] were brutally killed on Saturday, August 15, 2015, on their farm between Elliot and Indwe in the Eastern Cape. Ruben was attacked after 17:00 outside the farmhouse by three black men when he was feeding the poultry. The black men already started stabbing Ruben with a sharp object outside the house after which they forced him into the house. “He had the keys with him and that’s how they gained access to the house. Hermien’s body was found in the dining room. She had been strangled with her scarf and her hands were tied. Ruben’s body was found in the living room. He gave resistance and they brutally attacked and hurt him, as the whole house was full of blood. He was eventually strangled with a blanket. His hands were also tied.

Ruben was formerly the principal of High School Ida. According to the son in law Venter, two of the suspects were former pupils at the school. “We also learned that two of the suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of a black farm worker three months ago and that they were released on bail.” Venter said his mother lived on the farm for 60 years, and his wife grew up there. “After my father-in-law died in 1996, Ruben, who worked as head of department at the Efata School for the Deaf in Mthatha, returned to Ida to live with his mother on the farm.” According to Venter, the farming community and their workers, in cooperation with the police, arrested the suspects. At a good guess we would say they are already released and free today.


 It is a fact that thousands of whites have been brutally murdered in the last 20 years, by the Genocide Soldiers in South Africa. The purpose of this series is purely to honor and remember the innocent victims of a ruthless force operating unabated in South Africa. All the information above has been collected from the internet via, google, newspapers and social networks. The Genocide Files will be continued only as time permits. Thank You.

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