MCG: It is Almost Time For The MCG To Leave

MCG AllAloneFridayMCG: It is Almost Time For The MCG To Leave

When Your Platform Starts Sinking Like Quicksand Don’t Call My Name

The Music City Ghost [File #98] 2015: I will attempt to list some of the things Frans Maritz and myself have tried to do to get more people interested in our “Cause” in trying to save Country Music.  We created a Music City Ghost coloring contest for the children and grandchildren of our listeners.  Four kids turned in a coloring sheet and one of those was only a few months old.  We created a special email account where all the people with a question for the Music City Ghost could have a place to ask questions that hopefully I could find the correct answer to.  We set up a comments section where anyone reading the articles could comment that they agreed or disagreed.  We had less than 20 comments in 6 months.   We set up a section of the Music City Ghost radio show where letters to the Ghost were read on the air.  By my last count there were less than 10 letters.  So you see my idea of giving everyone a solid platform to stand on and voice your opinion has turned into a form of quick sand instead.  Frans Maritz and myself tried and no one can take that away from us.

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  1. I enjoy your articles very much, one of the first things I read everyday. I think your articles are like history lessons in school. It’s only people with some knowledge of who or what you are talking about, that are interested. I am old enough to have some knowledge, either from my experience or from hearing about it , or them from my parents.
    You know , I hear all time people say……. You know I wish I had paid more attention in that History Class.
    And very few people learn from or want to hear about others experiences, Have you every been in a conversation with someone and you know they are not listening, all they are waiting on is for you to take a breath, so they can jump in….. Because what they have to say is so much more interesting or important than what you are saying.
    I am sorry this Is coming to an end, I for one have very much enjoyed your knowledge, and passed experience.

    • Thank you Faye I will pass your message on to the Music City Ghost. I have tried to convince him that the should keep on as he has so many stories to tell, yet he is right most people don’t care anymore about anything never mind about the MCG stories. The proof is in the comments I know many are reading the articles but how do I prove it to the MCG if the very same people who read the articles don’t tale the time to comment. We thank you for your interest and maybe just maybe from time to time I can get another story or two out of the Ghost, who knows. Thank you I hope that you will not also ride off into the Sunset with the Music City Ghost too when he does. (lol)