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December 04, 2015 [Friday] Issue #1465


FM ROCK RADIO NEWS LEGEND HAS SURGERY Legendary News and Talk personality Brent Seltzer’s colorful career goes back to the golden days of FM Rock radio when he pioneers Rock ‘n’ Roll radio style news on KGB-1360 San Diego, CA and KMET-1490 Los Angeles as well as other frequencies. At 11:15 am PT on Thursday, September 24, 2015 Brent experiences a seizure in front of his computer. Our prayers go out to Brent Seltzer who recovers from recent brain tumor surgery at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Burbank, CA.

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SPEEDY EXITS RADIO TO SELL CAR INSURANCE Larry [Speedy] Bevins longtime GM of WVOW-1290/WVOW FM (The Voice of The Coalfields 101.9) in Logan, WV says that Monday, November 30, 2015 is his last day at WVOW-1290/WVOW FM and in radio. After a remarkable 43-years on WVOW, Bevins decides to step down from his first love radio and change careers to become an automobile insurance agent. Bevins sighs:Turning 60 causes one to think about turning 70. Where does the retirement money come from?

TRIBUNE DENIES SALE Over the Thanksgiving weekend, rumors have it that Chicago-based Tribune Publishing is in talks to sell its newspapers to an investment firm, plus that firm will sell off the Los Angeles and San Diego newspapers to a group led by billionaire Eli Broad. On Monday morning, November 30, 2015 Tribune Publishing forwards a memo to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) where they deny that they are in sale talks with anyone.

WHO KILLS OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM? Is the National Anthem is a thing of the past? Who is it that kills our National Anthem? Not too long ago the National Anthem is a staple of broadcasting way back when TV and radio stations sign off, and then sign back on again in the morning. But, that doesn’t happen much anymore. We remember 15 minutes before the first pitch we stand and salute the flag during the National Anthem. Today the players remain in the dugout, until the words play ball!

TRIVIA QUESTION: What entertainer has the longest continuous contract in the history of radio and television? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Harley Colt November 24th. David Slayton December 3, 2015. •GREATER MEDIA DETROIT home of WRIF, WCSX and WMGC (Detroit Sports 105.1) wins 2015 Top Workplaces honor by the Detroit Free Press. •STEVE KRAMER co-host of Steve & Nina morning show on CBS Country KMLE FM (107.9) Phoenix, AZ resigns for new opportunity TBA. •STEPHANIE VIVA Cape Cod radio vet reunites with Dan Mahoney on Dan and Stephanie Morning Show on iHeartMedia Hot AC WCOD FM (106.1) Hyannis, MA.


•1953 DANIEL GREGORY MASON (American composer) dies at 80 on December 4th. •1967 GARY ALLAN(Smoke Rings In The Dark #12-1999) born Gary Herzberg on December 5th in Montebello, CA. •1973 PIONEER 10 American space probe reaches Jupiter on December 4th. •1983 JANA KRAMER (Why Ya Wanna#3-2012) born on December 2nd in Detroit, MI. •1996 7TH BILLBOARD Music Awards on December 4th. •2008 ZAC BROWN has Lasik eye surgery in Atlanta, GA on November 25th.


JACK PARNELL [former Program Director WHBQ-560] (Memphis, TN) Congratulations Jim! You’re in great company! I recognized and went to the website of many of the “great radio days” people who had some great publications in their day, and I see they still do. Lotsa news, and I’m glad to see they recognize the best of the biz…WAYTOGO sir! Jack Parnell–dating way back to the WHBQ days here in Memphis

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BILL CHERRY [Realtor. In late 1950s Music ’til Dawn host on WWL-870] (Dallas, TX) Jim there was a fellow named Brad Messer who was the editor of the Galveston newspaper for years. He was one of those people who could do anything. I liked him very much. I had always wanted a real gold leaf sign on the glass of my real estate office door. No one did that anymore…or if they did, they were hard to find. And the work was very expensive. I made a comment to Mr. Messer, and without letting me he knew how, the next day he showed up with all of his brushes, gold leaf, etc., and hand painted the sign on my door. He spent the major part of the afternoon doing it, and he charges me twenty-five bucks. I see another Brad Messer’s name from time to time in radio circles. I wonder if he’s my Brad Messer’s son? Would you ask him if you have his email address? Thanks Bill Cherry

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LIZ PATRANELLA [Liz Houston – KTSA-550, KBAT-680] (Austin, TX) Subject: SA Radio Hall of Fame – Deceased. I have been holding the Certificate of Induction for 4 of our deceased members of the S.A. Radio Hall of Fame. I would like to put them into the hands of their family members, if any can be found. Does anyone know how to reach any family member of: Ken Carter, Logan Stewart, Henry Guerra, Mateo Camargo If you do, please let me know. Thanks. Liz

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CHUCK DUNAWAY [ex WABC-770, WKY-930, KILT-610, KLIF-1190] (Houston-Katy, TX) Subject: memories. Listening to Limbaugh today and he reverted back to the days we worked for the same company in Pittsburgh…he referred to an old news clip as being from “the groove yard o forgotten favorites” ah the good old days. Rush followed me at WIXZ in Pittsburgh… Chuck

TRIVIA ANSWER: On November 23, 1938 Bob Hope and Shirley Ross record his future theme song Thanks For The Memory for the soundtrack of the motion picture The Big Broadcast of 1938. Also on November 23, 1996, Hope sets a record for the longest continuous contract in the history of radio and television when his last TV special airs. Hope is with NBC for 60 years.

GEORGE SCHANK [KUHA/KUHF FM engineer] (Conroe, TX) Subject: Happy birthday, Jim, Hope you had a super birthday and Thanksgiving! Wishing you and Suzy a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year! George Schank; Broadcast Site Management, LLC; Facilities Management – Maintenance – Construction

ALEXANDER HAMILTON (1755-1804) A promise must never be broken.

Jim Rose and Suzie
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