Monday’s Likileake Extra Charge For Credit Cards

dailyleake01This Likileake Talks About The Extra charge for credit cards:

creditcard01Extra charge for credit cards: They just passed a law that from now on since there is a banking fee for all merchants that accept credit cards, that it is now OK to pass this fee on to the customer.  In other words I have accepted credit cards since 1992 and I pay a banking fee for every dollar that anyone has ever spent with me using a credit card.  Never once have I passed that banking fee on to my customers.  I always felt like it was part of the cost of doing business.  Now this new law says merchants can pass the banking fee for each transaction on to the customer’s credit card as an additional charge on top of the purchase price.  The worst part about all this is the store doesn’t even have to tell you up front they are doing this.  The extra fees will show up on your credit card statement at the end of the month.  So now every time you pull out your credit card to pay for a service or goods it is up to you to ask if they will be adding on banking fees.  I don’t like this new law but since the economy runs on credit I guess we are stuck with it.

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