Wonderful Friendships I Made In Music Business


Dear readers, many times before writing my column I think of the wonderful friendships I have made in the music industry.


One of them is Frans who has this web site http://www.wildhorse.co.za/home/. The more I see what he is doing for the music industry, and the MANY people he helps with a pure heart, I feel extremely blessed to have two columns here.

I also see many friends over the years that are featured here, have columns and read his site every day. Also the excellent charts, music , worldwide news, tips for the day, jokes and lots more on his site. Please visit daily, or when time allows you to.
Feel free to email Frans, as he can help your career….(whisnews21@aol.com), he is multi-talented and people from around the world come to his site.
I am including today “days of the week”, that have wonderful words written by
Godly authors that are respected worldwide. I find their words and the scripture they quote a blessing , and hope you do too. Rhon
We have a Japanese “daughter” whom we first met when we hosted her and a classmate during a student exchange program. Later we were able to visit Sayuri and her family in Kamakura, Japan.
Our guide book had told us that the Japanese are a very correct, proper people. So we were a little surprised when the family said good-by with such emotion. Sayuri shed tears and pointed to her watch, which she kept set at Walla Walla time.
Our surprise continued when we received the next letter from Sayuri. She ended with these words, “Can I write “love”? Is it rudeness? But I love you”.
YES, Sayuri you may write love any time you want. Love is never rudeness. In fact 1 Corinthians 13 states, “Love…is not rude.” Love transcends all cultures, races, nationalities and social status. We love you too, dear Sayuri, our Japanese “daughter”!

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  1. Thanks Ed, one very remarkable man FRANS, and I honestly don’t know when he sleeps, as he works around the clock. Appreciate your posting. Hope all is going well for you, and I enjoy your playlists and seeing how people are doing with their songs . Have a blessed day, Rhon