Oscar and Reeva a True South African Tragedy

oscarreevemaritz01Living In South Africa is a Nightmare, All South Africans Live With Everyday.

In view of the terrible incident involving Oscar Pistorius and his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, I would like to state for the record what I do every time I get home or leave my home, or what happens when I get woken up at night by any kind of noise

“When I leave my home anytime day or night I first look outside to see if there is any suspicious activity, I always have something with me to protect myself, in case I am attacked while walking from my front door to my car. I do not have a gun so my only protection is a small stick which will help me ward off any kind of attackers, if I am lucky, as most of the criminals carry illegal guns of all sizes and shapes, or at the very lease a really good knife. I do not carry a gun as the laws make it difficult to do so, which puts not only my own safety at risk but that of my Wife’s too” – Frans Maritz

Muldersdrift man murdered in front of wife – News24 2013-01-25 09:27 A Muldersdrift man, who arrived at home to find his wife being held at gunpoint, has been shot dead, West Rand police have said.


“When I get home we both look around us before we even get out of our car, once we get to our front door we look behind us to see if there is no immediate danger. Once we unlock our door and the security gate I go into our home first and look around to see if everything looks normal. Once it is all clear we then close and lock the door behind us” – Frans Maritz

Robbers kill Muldersdrift teen – News24 2012-09-06 20:08 A 13-year-old girl has been shot dead and her father and sister have been wounded in an armed robbery at their home in Muldersdrift, on the West Rand.


“At night when we go to sleep we first check all windows and doors, sometimes twice just to make sure they are closed and locked. If I am woken up at night by a strange noise I immediately go and investigate where the noise came from, there is no chance or thought of ignoring it whatsoever” – Frans Maritz

Shock over old age home murder – News24 2010-11-24 10:01 A terminally ill 84-year-old woman has been murdered for her wedding ring, cellphone and a watch at a Cape Town retirement home.


“If we hear a knock on the door at night we don’t even bother answering it as 99.9% of the time it will be trouble, our family and friends know that if they want to visit us they will call us first, so that we know to expect them” – Frans Maritz

Man, 75, beaten to death at home – News24 2013-02-15 11:04 A 75-year-old man has been found murdered in his Weltevreden Park home in Roodepoort, hours after he failed to fetch his grandchildren from school.


“Once and only once, thank goodness, I was woken up with a noise at home, I jumped out of bed grabbed the only thing I could at such short notice which was a torch next to my bed and was ready to do battle with whatever was making the noise in my home. When I got to the kitchen my wife was there making a cup of coffee as she could not sleep. I did not hear her getting up and was relieved to see that it was my wife and not some intruder whom I would have had to defend my life and my wifes too, as in South Africa if these intruders get into your home at night, it always ends in a rape and a murder, with a lot of torture and mutilation” – Frans Maritz

Five held for elderly couple’s murders – News24 2013-02-13 18:15 Five men have been arrested in connection with the murder of an elderly Bethulie couple, Free State police said on Wednesday.


“I have never spoken about this before, as it is really private information, but i thought the world needs to know how we are forced to live in South Africa today, and with the events of Oscar and his girlfriend, I thought that I would make my actions public, and how my wife and I are forced to live in South Africa right here right now” – Frans Maritz

KZN man held for rape, murder – News24 2013-02-12 17:00 A man has been arrested for allegedly raping and killing a 14-year-old girl, KwaZulu-Natal police say.


“You will find many South Africans, who believe that South Africa is Disney World and that Mickey Mouse rules this so called magic kingdom, and therefore they “Hear No Evil and See No Evil” yet these same people are among many who have already been buried, and are now part of the statistics, of horrendous crimes in South Africa” – Frans Maritz 

The shame of the nation – News24 2013-02-10 18:12 Rape, murder, robbery, violent protests and general aggression seem to be the new credo in SA.


“In closing I am not defending Oscar or accusing him, as that is for the courts to decide, I am merely pointing out that it is a fact that we are not all paranoid for nothing, living in South Africa.  As we know very well, what will happen to us if we are attacked in our homes as it very rarely ends well. If there is any doubt in your mind that I may be exaggerating then just google Violent crime in South Africa, it will all be there for you to take note of” – Frans Maritz

Brutal farm murder – suspects stay in jail – News24 2012-09-13 15:49 Three men charged with the murder of an elderly Free State farm couple appeared in the Trompsburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday,


If you don’t have to live like this where you stay, you should be thankful that you still have a government who protects the people, and if you feel that they don’t then, welcome to South Africa.

If you feel you would like to comment on the above you are most welcome.


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  1. It is pleasing to see everyone getting together for Frans…we as artist can do much when united for a cause!!

  2. Good, Frans – that sounds like a good start. It is much easier to make arrangements when you are in Nashville. I wish you would be able to get into contact with s company of the music industry, a publishing company or a radio station where there is a job opening available. That could help you very much to get a permanent visa and a working permit.
    Tell them how good you are writing articles, supporting artists and bands. I wish you luck – from the heart!

  3. This is wonderful news, dear Frans! I’m so excited for you both!!! It would be wonderful, if while you’re here, you could line up a future job so that you could return later and live here permanently. I’ll be praying that everything works out to yours & Cathy’s favor. I know you’ll have a wonderful time. Nashville is a fantastic place to visit! You truly made my day with this fantastic news!!! Blessings, luv & hugs, Judy

  4. Hi frans here’s photo links to mel ve fb https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152530071515104&id=876395103&set=a.356620700103.348809.876395103&refid=52&_ft_=fbid.360146147432734

  5. Frans, I know you would not ask for money. But this here is different: This is to help a friend who is in danger. So, you hush and leave it to me. Trust me and your friends. Put up your Paypal button to enable your friends to help you.
    And when you are settled in Nashville, have an editor’s job at a newspaper or TV station, you can send 10 Dollars back to everyone of us. You do write real good articles. We just have to tell the right people that you are up for grabs (LOL),.


  6. http://m.youtube.com/results?q=ed%20begley%20talks%20to%20freedom%20central#/watch?v=Fu-H2dgoOIc

    • Here’s mel ve fb it would be nice do write up on her upcoming documentary the last boer https://m.facebook.com/mel.ve.9?refid=12

  7. I will send ten your way to contribute on top of what I will do
    Give me paypal and will send

    • You’re welcome, Patty. I can understand how you’d be overwhelmed, Frans. I would be as well. But the monetary cost might not be too high. If you can get a good price for a flight from your home to say, Nashville,
      you could just bring some clothes and essentials, like your computer. Perhaps you have family or friends there who would let you store your furnishings, some of which could be sent to you when you’re settled. If you own your home, that would take some time (to sell) but if renting, you could come sooner. I do hope (and pray) this can be worked out as I’ve feared for safety ever since I first heard of all the atrocities in your country. Please
      don’t hesitate to let those who love you (and are so grateful for all you do) help you in any way we can. Blessings and Prayers, Judy, .

      • Judy, Cathy and I just purchased two tickets to the USA for the end of May. There was a special online and we got them at a good price. However we only have a holiday visa and will therefore not be able to work while we are there. I will have my computer with me and will still have to update my WHISNews21 and Wildhorse Entertainment everyday as usual but the rest of the time we will be free to vist Nashville and all the friends we have there.

    • I just finished doing my taxes..(got behind with email). and have been reading all these comments tonight.. You can count on me for a donation and also will put info about bringing Frans and Cathy to a safe haven in US in my upcoming newletter at the end of Feb. This is a wonderful idea, and although it might not be what Frans had in
      mind, (he just wanted us to know what it is like to live in fear there), I think something needs to be done asap in order that our dear friends can safely leave there. Blessings & prayers, Judy

      • Judy, thank you very much for joining this project to help Frans and Cathy out of South Africa. You do write the most respected newsletters, and I am sure people will listen to you. We all want Wildhorse to continue supplying us with interesting posts and information. This is where we all meet. Frans and Cathy have established a real Wildhorse family. And I enjoy speaking freely about what is on my mind or geting into contact with all those fine people here.

        I have done that before – and we will do it again: Help a friend who is in danger and who needs us.

        Patty Patrick
        Radio St. Florian am Inn

  8. I do not agree that the story of Oscar and Reeva is a South African tragedy. To me it looks like a personal one which could have happened everywhere in this world. And in fact, it does – even over here in Europe. I remember the Simpson case which to me seems very similar to this one here.

    But as far as your report of life in South Africa is concerned, Frans – we definitely will have to give it more attention. The subject is not covered here in Europe on any TV station. Politians and governments around the world are more interested in selling weapons to South Africa and making deals with S.A. leaders instead of looking for any solutions to solve the human problem.

    I am afraid there is not much we ordinary people can do to help. BUT – I know that we have a lot of important people here in this community, which you support with their music and their articles spreading the word around the world. You really work so hard for each and everyone of us. And it is time to give something back to you.

    So, I will start this project and call it “Patty’s Wildhorse Entertainment Support” and will donate the first 10 Euros to finance your move out of South Africa. You should be in Nashville and report from the center of the world’s greatest country music city.

    I ask every promoter, every musician to follow me and to give a little in turn of all the support Frans is providing. And with those worldwide connections some of you may have, it should be possible to make arrangements or come up with a better idea than mine.

    Thank you.

    Patty Patrick
    Radio St. Florian am Inn

    • Patty you are a very kind and caring person, and with all the talks I have had with your Mother about you, it seems that i will have to apologize to her, as it seems I was very wrong about you(lol). However everyone has problems and there are a lot of people who need some support in the world today, so I am not special enough to warrant the effort you want to go to help me move from this place. It is not that I dont want to, because truth be told it would be a dream come true doing what I do in Nashville, yet for good people to take their hard earned money out to make that possible would be a burden most people cannot afford. I dont really know what else to say to you Patty as I am at a loss for words, so I will just say “God Bless Your Kind Heart” and thank you so much for your concern.

      • No way frans… we love you, so patty will be handling that sector. ..I will be raising funds here to… so you can escape as you know the doors of escape are closing… anything you need me to check on let me know.. told thys and mel ve would do interview on the documentry the last boer

      • If there is a will, there is a way, Frans. I know South Africa is not a safe place for you, especially, since you keep reporting what is going on there. You know that I am so worried about you and Cathy, and have asked you to be careful when stating the facts about S. A. authorities not paying any attention. You do know enough of South Africa, more than anyone of us, and your reports are important to draw people’s attention to what is going on there.

        I call on Keith and Mike, very fine people and very dear to me, to check around in Nashville and to help to find a spot for you and the wild horses, where they can run free and unharmed. I call on every artist listed on your page to donate just 10 Dollars each. And we will come up with a small financial basis to start with.

        We might have to turn it into a story which we could sell to newspapers, to companies of the music industry in Nashville, to clubs and institutions. I promise to do advertising on my radio stations for any company getting involved. If we do this well, marketing this story could benefit all of us. Think about it! Activate your connections and let’s move a mountain.

        Come on, guys, partners, friends – show me that friendship and solidarity are not just words.

        Thank you – Dankeschoen.
        Patty Patrick
        Radio St. Florian am Inn, Austria

        P.S. And Frans, I will get to you later…LOOL

        • Patty I cannot believe that you would go to these lengths to help Cathy and myself, yet I am sure that you can understand that I cannot ask people for money to do this it wouldn’t be right for me to do so. Also what I publish on WHISNews21 is only the tip of the iceberg and I am afraid if I cross the line I may be arrested, so I must also be careful not to go too far. Here is a link to what has just happened today and it is frightening that it may spill over to the whole country…http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/1-000-miners-swarmed-union-office-report-20130218

    • Mel ve that is…. yes thys agree… frans thys is my south African friend who has helped me in understanding Afrikaans in written form..he is a former policeman and a wrestler

  9. In the so called struggled years of the ANC..they fought for the dismantling of the death penalty. Since their coming into power….all these crimes increased by more than 200%..knowing that the most killings..today a genocide..will be black people killing, murdering, raping and robbing. Attacking in numbers, white people in their homes and farms sporadic all over the country. The Gov denies it all the way..and hide it from the outside world.. In the country they still sings propaganda songs like “kill the Boer..kill the farmer”..”Bring me my machine gun”…knowingly they will lead to the actual deeds.

    Now you ask why did Oscar Pistorius sleeps with guns.. He was very aware what is happening in the country..and was like every other white citizen afraid that he could be a next victim… We all live in fear.. at nytime you could be the next in an unsafe environment..where the so called criminal has more rights than the law abiding citizen.

      • Would be cool to see collaboration on this article with you and thys talking on life under the new apartheid… it would be a great way to spread the word

        • The thing is Ed if we tell it like it is we will be labeled, as you know is the case in America too. It is now up to the readers to take it further I have gone as far as I can go, for my own and my families safety.

  10. Yes South Africa has become a death trap for our friends the Maritz family and a little over a year ago I noticed the farm murders link on wild horse radio…you never told me anything about the genocide of the Boer the white minority of suid Africa …not until I asked, time is running out over 100,000 Boers in Pretoria Frans hometown are in basically concentration level living given only one meal a day…that the south African government is wanting to do away with…most recently a boer a man mind you in his 20’s was brutally gang raped because they where mad he had nothing of value to steal…the government sing songs of kill the boer..if you kill a intruder trying to kill you… you as a boer are punished for defending yourself…Woolworth’s affiliated with Walmart has stopped hiring whites in south Africa only charities that help 100% black people of Africa qualify for tax breaks…if Fran’s ever played your song and it made you feel good..well it made him feel the same, but its our turn to make the Maritz family feel good…All wild horse artist need to spread the word at shows… I never miss a show and fail to mention Frans and the Genocide of the Boer people…now around 69,000 whites killed 6,000 Boer farmers… raped tortured young and old… like the boy boiled and drowned to death while his mother was raped to death and father beat to death….yes south Africa rape capital of the world…where if you call the police they may rape you too…well I am for a fund raiser to buy tickets for frans and family… all wild horse artist could pick a day a month and have it in our home towns.. a show and raise money to help …plus spread the word by face book… twitter… shows….radio interview act. Shalom frans!!!

    • Ed oneday you may find your name among the heroes of the Boer Nation, we are a proud and above all a God fearing people. We are also without country and leaders but not broken. The propaganda against us has been tremendously successful over the years and that is why most of us fear that if we stay here we will eventually all be wiped out as the liberal minded world has no sympathy towards us, they even believe we deserve what is happening right now. I comfort myself with the fact that I have so many friends like yourself whom I feel a special bond with. You are American and you need to keep America strong as without a strong and Christian America there is no hope for the rest of the world.

      • No one deserves the atrocities being carried out on the good boer people…believe this as you know I try to live to my word…I am going to make a way where there is no way….this summer …will be having those fund raisers and if you are saved… I know you and me will work to save the Boers…mel ve who interviewed me is working on documentary called the last boer…she is using her interview with me in a small way though look her up on freedom central talk radio. Or mel ve on fb under my friends she also sits on un council

  11. Frans I pray for your families safety and redemption from Pharaoh…. mighty war angels protect you and yours in our mighty lords name Jesus..

  12. Dear Frans & Kathy, First of all I have a new RESPECT for you all. You are always so happy sounding &
    Always so helpful. I have been told you are one of the “GOOD GUYS” & you are that for sure. What you
    Guys are going through is one of the biggest reason we all have to fight to keep our guns. Intruders are
    Not so anxious to break into your home if they know they aren’t the only ones with weapons, like guns!
    The stress you are under has to be unbearable sometimes, just know you will always be in our prayers
    For your safety & for peace of mind.
    If you ever leave SA, come to New Mexico and we will welcome you with open arms.
    Love & Prayers, Barbara

    • Thank you Barbara, you are as kind as kind can be. Keith has always told me what a wonderful person you are I have always believed him for some reason without even knowing you. Yet since our paths have crossed I am very happy to be your friend. However if Cathy and I could ever find a way to America and I don’t mean by ways of a short holiday we will never want to burden anyone we will have to do it on our own steam. It is no secret that Cathy and I both love America, and having so many friends there now which most definitely includes you, we kind of feel like we are there. My friends here will be telling me “Dream On Frans, Dream on” (lol)

      • When they tell you that, tell them “dreams do come true”.
        For protection that’s legal, carry & keep by your bed “HORNET” spray, it shoot out in a long stream,
        Aim for the face.
        Looking forward to the day we meet, take good care of yourselves,

  13. I am so sorry you have to live in fear for your life-Dear Lord- please touch frans and his wife and keep them safe from harm, protect them and send blessings their way. also for the whole of africa -protect its people and bring an end to the violence they live through every day. I am thankful i live in america and wish all could have the freedom we enjoy-injesus name i ask this amen

    • Thank you Doris, it’s not that I am complaining it’s just that there is so much talk about this subject on Fox news lately and I thought I would just try to explain why Fox News says we are all paranoid in South Africa. They are right it’s just that we cant help it we have to be vigilant all the time. When we approach a traffic light and it is red we slow down and look around for signs of danger. All you can do is pray your freedom is not also taken away. The freedom I am talking about is the freedom to sleep in peace at night and freedom to go where you need to go in peace.

  14. I just posted, but it didn’t seem to go through… so will try to remember what I wrote. After reading about all the horrible crimes and all that you have to go through every day and night to make sure you’re as safe as possible, I was at a loss of words and just had to think about it for a while. Afterwords, the first thing I thought was that those
    who can afford to leave should do so asap; however I realize that isn’t possible for many and everyone just has to live in fear all the time. It has to be like a nightmare! I shutter when I realize this very thing could well happen in the USA. When all those getting handouts realize the well has run dry, many of them will turn to crime as they’re not
    used to working for what they need to live. Although it will be more prevalent in the cities, everyone will be at
    risk. I will continue to pray for y’all in S. Africa when I pray for America. God help us!! Prayers and blessings, Judy

    • Thank you Judy, like they say life is not like a box of chocolates for everyone, even though some people think it is. You are right about one thing and that is, it’s not easy to just pack up and leave most people dont even have money to go on leave. Well my doors are locked and I have tons of work to do, thank goodness I love the work I do on Wildhorse Entertainment and above all the wonderful people I get to know through my work, like yourself.

      • So happy to know, dear Frans, that you and Cathy love the work you do behind locked doors. It shows as you
        are soooo great at what you do. It’s wonderful that you have so many friends worldwide and I for one, am so grateful for your friendship and all you do the independents. I pray that God will keep you safe as well as all
        the other good folks in S. Africa. May He put an end soon to all the violence there! With love & prayers, Judy