Rhon’s Inspiration Station Giving Thanks And Giving

Rhon’s Inspiration Station arrives at Thanksgiving

THANKSGIVING is the perfect time to reach out to your family to your friends, to your neighbors and community:
Here are some ways to show you care:


1. Write a letter, or email or make a phone call telling 5 people or ore you care for them and praying for them.


                                     2. Call a Nursing home or Veterans hospital  ad ask what way you can bring cheer, donate time,  or bring homemade cookies, pies or cake, etc. 

 3. If you know someone in your area is struggling, go to the food store and buy a gift certificate for them to buy a turkey, ir chicken. It could give them hope , as well as feed their family.
 4. Write to some people in the music industry letting them know that their help with your career has been very welcomed.
God has put people in our lives on purpose so WE can help them succeed and help them to become all he created them to be. Most people will not reach their full potential without somebody else believing in them. That means you have an assignment, every where you go during this holiday season…. encourage people.
Build them up…. your inspiration and reaching out to them could be the key to them knowing “THEY ARE THOUGHT OF, AND YOU CARE! ” When people are around you, or receive a message by phone, email, card or letter they could feel better than they have in a long time. Rather than people feeling defeated, people should feel challenged and inspired after your reach out to them. *** The BIBLE says that LOVE IS KIND”. One translation says, “LOVE LOOKS FOR A WAY OF BEING CONSTRUCTIVE” In other words, love looks for ways to help improve somebody else’s life. ***
I welcome ideas from you, and will put them in my next column. I also send my column once it has appeared on Frans’ web site to hundreds around the world ! Go to http://www.wildhorse.co.za/home/, so much to see, get involved and contact Frans at: (whisnews21@aol.com). FRANS daily helps others. He and wife Cathy are a wonderful couple and work so hard …. I send them thanks for allowing my column to be on their web site. I praise God for their friendship and ALL they do for so many. God loves them, and Bob and I do too.
PLEASE give THANKS to God, for ALL you have, so many have less !


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  1. So very, very true… We, who have more than so many others in the world really do need to
    give back to those who have not…. whether it be with money, food or even a comforting word.
    Wishing you and all readers a very happy Thanksgiving! Blessings and cheers, Judy

    • Judy the saddest thing I have seen in life is that the ones who can give back, always seem to give back to the wrong people. I often wonder if when judged one day, and we say but we gave so much to so many, the answer will be yes you did but, it is the ones you did not give to that mattered. I personally know someone who gives to many but in my opinion, oops, I better not finish this line……have A GREAT THANKGIVING it is a blessing that you can still celebrate it without being behind locked doors and in secret.