Inspiration: How Can They Say Man Created God

This week I wish to share an email I received from an Unknown Writer, I am sending it out now to the Inspiration Station as it is very thought-provoking.  I hope that all my good friends gathered here at the Inspiration Station will enjoy reading it with an open mind, it does end well.

13 June 2012, 08:32: Unknown Writer

It often baffles me … why did man ever create God?  I mean, let’s face it, by nature man is rebellious.  So rebellious, in fact, that he has to have this “conscience” that decides what is right and wrong for him.  And what’s right for me is wrong for the next person (based on our upbringing).  So please do tell me … why did man create a Being greater than himself to tell him what he needs to do when, quite frankly, man doesn’t like to be pushed around … especially by someone that you cannot presumably see?

What good did man see when he created a god? 

Let’s, for purposes of this discussion, assume that there was nothing once upon a time.  And this nothing was intelligent enough to reproduce itself and everything else we see today (which then begs the question, if a self-reproducing independent organism could replicate itself, why create gender in the first place with women being child bearers?  Why didn’t the organism just leave life as self-producing (like trees and some reptiles are)?)

And then, furthermore, if this organism was so smart that it could create galaxies that go to the n-th power and create the sun, moon, stars, rocks, planets, … why create life (be it trees, plants, animals, fish, etc.) on this planet?  And on no other planet?  I mean, really … is this planet that significant to one organism that came from nothing?  Anyway, I’m detracting.

Of course, this reproduction process took millions of years to get us to where we are today so that nobody can really prove anything (everything is based on assumptions and theories and dating models that we think are correct).  We then turn our focus to man’s evolution over the past two hundred thousand years.

If Wikipedia’s timeline of homo sapien’s evolution is anything to go by, modern man is a pretty new species, with modern humans being only 200,000 years old.  But religion is, at best, 6- to 10,000 years old (depends on where you get your source from).  So why would modern man (called hunter-gatherers) live for 190,000 years with some meagre developments such as burial tombs, pitchforks, axes, stone hunting tools, jewelry, the wheel … and then, one day, just wake up and say, “Today, we shall make god!”

Here’s some rather interesting observations:

1..    Religion – any religion – is at most 10,000 years old.  So man lived for over 190,000 years and one day just got up and created a god.  Why?  What did man do for 190,000 years when there was no god?  Why is there no historical evidence of a god prior to the recorded beginnings of the earth as in the Bible?  And please … having records of burial sites does not denote the existence of a god … coz even atheists bury their dead!

2.    Here’s something really interesting though.  Why has man progressed so significantly in the past 6,000 years?  Come on.  Was early man that stupid that modern man (I’m talking the last 6 000 years) could accomplish so much in 6,000 years what the hunter- gatherer (200 000 years ago) could not accomplish in 190,000 years?  What sparked this huge cranial growth that man has even gone into outer space in the past century?  But 200,000 years ago all man could do was behave like an animal (hunt, drag a woman around by the hair, and eat raw food)?  Where did the evolutionary change come from that made modern man such a genius?

3.    Man hates following rules!  Even the laws of earth have been defied through great inventions such as aeroplanes and jets (that defy the law of gravity).  We defy anyone and anything … it’s our nature – rebellious to the core!  Yet he had to go and create a being to subject himself to and live under the rule of another?

How many children honour their parents?  How many people lie and steal and cheat?  Is there anyone who has done no wrong?  What is wrong?  How do we define what is right and wrong?  To the cannibal who has had no exposure to laws, eating his fellow human being is acceptable and normal.  But to “civilised” human beings, it is not?  So pray do tell why man created a god with all these laws that tell us how to live our lives when we, like animals (according to science) want to be free?

4.    On the flip side of this though, man has always been, according to evolutionary records, a brute animal.  An animal that lives according to the laws of the earth (that is why we have so many science disciplines that continuously define these laws and box everything into these laws).

So why, again, create a god that can defy these laws (that govern the earth – not man – big difference between laws that govern man and laws that the earth abides by)?

Now, before you think that the man who created god was a hunter-gatherer in the times of the Bible, you’d be very mistaken.  One easy example is the process of natural selection.  Natural selection is defined as “the gradual, non-random process by which biological traits become either more or less common in population as a function of different reproduction of their bearers.  It is a key mechanism of evolution.” (Thanks to Wikipedia yet again).  These theories date back to times before Christ and was picked up by Darwin as late as the 1850’s.

But wait … because one look at a little story in the Bible and you realize that Jacob actually used this process when he “chose” the herd that he would keep (Genesis 30:31 to 43).

And then in Genesis chapter 8, after the great flood, we also find this, “While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”  How would Moses, being a hunter gatherer, know that the earth would one day die?  And yet today it has taken science thousands of years to finally come to the same conclusion that Moses wrote about a very very long time ago.

5.    Man is a progressive species – that is what evolution is all about – progression; not regression.  Why then create a being more superior to the most superior species on earth (being man) that can walk on water, make axes float, and make diseases leave bodies?  Why should man, who fights for domination, settle for second place (regression) to a being created by his own limited imagination?  This very being that can overrule any law that man has defined and put in place (dare I say, through science)?

6.    If evolution serves me right, our earth constantly changes … as does man.  So why would a changing species, who is constantly evolving, constantly enlightening themselves, need to create a god to take away that “metamorphosis?”  Why would man, 6,000 years ago, decide that we need consistency in this life – that everybody needs to believe and think the same way?  And again, if consistency was required, why ask god to help with it?  Was man so weak 6,000 years ago that he needed to create a superior being to help him out?  Look at the animal species – wars settle the conflict!  So if you want consistency, just start a war and get the next person subject to your point of view.  Who needs a god for that?

7.    Just like evolution, religion had to start somewhere.  Did it start in South Africa, where the first human was found?  Or in Israel?  Or perhaps the Chinese?  Or Buddha?  Or the Greeks?

Who is the man that had such a vivid imagination (or maybe a revelation) to start a conversation with God?  And why?  Was it really somebody’s crazy imagination (that led to 6,000 years of religious growth) or perhaps it is just the fact that  GOD REALLY DOES EXIST, and did reveal Himself to His creation?

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