Patty Patrick From Austria Writes Poems for Us

Another world-class poem written especially for you by our Internationally acclaimed Poet and friend Patty Patrick, for all our wonderful WHISNews21 visitors. We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading Patty’s poem’s as much as we are proud to publish her poem’s.


I like deep blue seas, the story about birds and bees,

the sun rising in the morning, a camp fire that is warming,

and panda bears eating bamboo.

But more than anything



I like stars at night and days without a fight.

I like cuddling up in soft chairs, a house without stairs.

And sometimes I do not have a clue

why most of all



I do not need a reason. My feelings have no season,

are not dependent on the weather, have no switch for hot and cold.

Love does not need to be controlled.

It is just wonderful to be together.

It is true – most of all



Thank you for these tender hours, for the bouquet of flowers,

for good and bad in all those years, for laughter and for tears.

We shared it all and none of us did fall.

We’re a fantastic crew.

I know you love me


I do not want to wait until it is too late to let you know


that I do LOVE YOU so.

© Patty Patrick


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  1. Patty is truly gifted and I love her poetry, and she lights up my day with her emails . She is truly one of a kind, and we all are so blessed to have her sharing this talent of poetry writing that she does. This lady is terrific. hugs to you Patty, keep up making this world better. hugs oxooxo Rhon

    • I agree, James, as far as Frans is concerned. And that is why as a free woman I take pride in the words: Ich bin ein WHIS21 reporter. (smile – words of late president Kennedy when he was in my home town Berlin and his unforgotten sentence Ich bin ein Berliner) I am a Berliner

    • Hi Vera, so nice to see you here. One of these days I will write lyrics and you will turn it into a song (smile). Greetings and bussis go to you and to Chris

  2. Patty and Frans, Thanks a million for the great poetry and sharing it with the world
    LOL to you both.
    James Allen Promotions

      • Patty, just keep those wonderful poems and thoughts coming. Frans, your site is one of the most informative in the world. THANKS TO YOU BOTH!!!