Do You Want To Play Today, Sorry No Prizes

Recently I had some fun and asked about 20 people a series of questions.  The  set of questions were as general as I could come up with.   I also inserted some specific questions about Country Music.  Keep in mind the people were from all walks of life and were not by any means scholars in any one subject.
1. Name a phone company
2. Name a brand of toilet tissue
3. Name a record label
4. Who was named the KING of Country Music
5. Who was named the Queen of Country Music
6. What does PC mean or stand for
7. What is an android
8. What is a caucus
9. What U.S car company uses an animal as it’s model name
10. What does the letters MIDI stand for
If you can find the time to answer these questions in the comments section, I will tally up your answers with what I already have on file.  It will be very interesting, I think anyways, to see which brands or trademarks came out on top.
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  1. 1: AT&T
    2: Kleenex
    3: Arista Records
    4: Roy Acuff
    5: Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline? Take my first choice as an answer
    6: Personal Computer
    7: It is some kind of computer app
    8: A word used when a group of politician get together for a meeting
    9: Guess and say Jaguar
    10: I know what MIDI is, I just have no idea what the letters stand for. I could use google to check but that would be cheating, so here is my guess “My Independent Duperstars Ihow”