The Kind of Kindness Only Elvis Presley Had towards Nobodies

A Ticket To Every Concert Elvis Would Ever Have In The Future Including Cost Of Travel and Hotels!

During an Elvis concert in 1975, he was told that a blind girl was in the audience who absolutely loved him. Elvis told his entourage to bring the little lady on stage, immediately. The little lady got on stage. Elvis knelt before her and here is the conversation that followed

Elvis: “I heard you enjoy my records…”
Little lady: “Yes, sir. I sure do. I listen to them every night before bed.”
Elvis: “Really?”
Little lady: “Yes, sir.”
Elvis: “I’ve had a lot of accolades and awards – and a lot of great things said about me, little one, but none of that matters, because what I mean to you is the greatest feeling I have ever had in my life.”
Little lady: “Really?”
Elvis: “Yes, little one.”
Little lady: “Can I feel your face, because my mom says your really handsome.”
Elvis: “Sure you can, but that would be a waste of time, because you have the most beautiful face I have ever seen. If you want to know what handsome or beautiful is, just feel your own face, little one.”
Little lady: “You mean that, Mr Elvis?”
Elvis: “Not only do I mean that, but I am hoping you’d give me your autograph, so I can cherish the moment I met the most beautiful girl that ever lived.”
After that exchange, the little lady cried with happiness and joy. She left the stage – but didn’t leave the heart of Elvis. After the concert ended, Elvis told Joe Esposito, “No matter what her family needs, I am here. In fact, give them this check.” That check was for $50,000 – and a ticket to every concert Elvis would ever have in the future including cost of travel – and hotels!

 – Shared by Marvin Adcock

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