The Incredible Story Behind The Hit song “Let It Be Love”

Keri and Greg Get International Support on “Let It Be Love” (Song for Wendy)

In life, some people have incredible special stories to be told. Here is one of those stories by two very special people Greg and Wendy Ross. Greg admits that he has been graced with extraordinary experiences and some very challenging times. Now that he has found a way to release “Let It Be Love” (A Song For Wendy) which he wrote with Keri McInerney, he has finally found out that life gives the good with the bad. This realization has somehow given Greg the resilience within himself to keep on going.

This is the story behind the song, Let It Be Love (Song for Wendy) in Greg T Ross’s own words.

I went to school with Wendy, I was 12 and Wendy was 11 and we were friends in primary school. Years passed and in 2007 I returned to Adelaide to attend a primary school reunion. There I met, again, Wendy Patterson. We had not seen each other since 1969. We fell in love and lived together blissfully until 2016 when Wendy was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer.

We battled on for eight months. I became Wendy’s carer. Wendy was in and out of hospital. We decided to get married at the school where we had first met as children. Wendy became too ill for the ceremony to be held at the school and instead, we were married at the hospital. Wendy regained strength and survived for 4 months. It was both the saddest, yet the most intimate period of our relationship. Wendy brought great peace into my life and the legacy continues.

The year Wendy left us, I became connected with Australian singer/songwriter, Keri McInerney. Keri had offered to perform at a charity event I was coordinating in honor of Wendy’s life and to raise funds for the Pancare Foundation. I then mentioned to Keri that I had written a song for Wendy and would love it to be recorded. Keri offered to co-write with me and reworked the song as a commercial release. Keri McInerney rewrote and developed a new arrangement, and the project was underway.

Keri showed a resilience that only a few can know. She committed to this project and even in her most difficult of times, Keri made it happen. Even though Keri was then thrown a blow of her own, being diagnosed with a Category 1 brain aneurysm and needed emergency surgery on Valentine’s Day 2019. She came through surgery and had been in recovery for 18 months, but during her recovery, Keri continued to work on our song,’ Let It Be Love’, as well as other songs for her new album. Eventually, when she was well enough she found the time to record it. Keri is now healing and moving back into the music industry, she loves so much.

“Let It Be Love (Song for Wendy),” is the first single from her forthcoming album “Let It Be Love”. This single was a labour of love for both Keri McInerney and myself. We are thrilled to now bring this amazing project full circle and release it globally. I am immensely proud of this song and I know, Wendy would be too.”This is a journey of the fragility and importance of life for Greg and Keri and for us all. Use life and inject everything you have into it. Let it be love is a song of resurgence and positivity in the face of tragedy and, in times that could be better, this remains an important message, for us all.” – Greg T Ross

More Information about this incredible song

‘Let It Be Love’, is a song co-written with Greg T Ross and was written for Greg’s wife Wendy, who fought a courageous battle with Pancreatic Cancer. It is a wonderfully touching and heartfelt story just there behind the lyrics of this song. It is also a project in which we hope to raise awareness and funds from sales of the single, for Pancreatic Cancer in conjunction with the Pancare Foundation. Additionally, interesting info is that Rusty Young and Richie Furay from international and US bands Poco and Buffalo Springfield are supporting “Let It Be Love”. It’s a huge supportive accolade. – KMM Music Management


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