George Strait Is Sporting a Quarantine Beard

George Strait Is Sporting a Quarantine Beard

And George Has a Special Message Just For You

The novel coronavirus pandemic doesn’t seem to be letting up, but as state restrictions begin to loosen, country legend George Strait wants to remind everyone to be extra careful. In the PSA, titled “Write This Down, Take a Little Note” — a play on a hit song from the country legend — Strait targets Texans with suggested safety measures are rather simple, from washing your hands to wearing a face mask to staying six feet apart if at all possible.

“We all know that being Texan means being friendly,” Strait says in a public service announcement recently released on Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s YouTube page. “And as we open Texas back up, it’s important that we stay extra friendly by thinking about all our fellow Texans. So, go on, write this down, take a little note, to remind you of these friendly things you can do to help defeat COVID-19.”

But Strait’s face mask would cover his new facial hair! For the first time in a long time (ever?), the King of Country Music is sporting some scruff. It’s very unexpected but has us feeling some kind of way.

Of course, the ongoing pandemic has caused Strait and nearly all of his country music counterparts to postpone touring this summer, and he’s bummed about it.


“I took almost two years off after the Cowboy Rides Away Tour [ended in 2014],” Strait remarked in a recent interview with Billboard magazine. “I did that on purpose. I wasn’t ready for this. I was really enjoying playing again at a pace I could handle. To have this horrible thing come up and slap us all right in the face really sucks. I can’t wait to play with my band again in front of thousands of people. I’m addicted to that.”

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