Gabby Barrett’s ‘The Good Ones’ Is the Wedding Song

Gabby Barrett’s ‘The Good Ones’ Is the Wedding Song

Don’t worry about Gabby Barrett being a one-hit-wonder. The “I Hope” singer’s new single “The Good Ones” promises to make a greater impact than her debut chart-topper.

The personal love song celebrates the men you hope to marry. The 19-year-old’s celebration of what’s good fits like a glass slipper at a time when there are so many reasons to frown. Perhaps the only thing about this new song from the upcoming Goldmine album that will turn your lips upside-down is a tear-jerking music video that — well, actually, just watch it. It’s better than any words we can use to describe it.

Zach Kale, Emily Landis, and Jim McCormick helped Barrett write “The Good Ones,” and together they crafted the sort of song 19-year-olds aren’t supposed to be able to write yet. Lyrically, this nuanced ballad never takes away from a melody that finds Barrett’s sweet spot. The chorus is all-time good in a way that often leads to a song becoming a forever song for newlyweds.

So often we talk about singers sprung from reality television being unable to sustain commercial success and we blame the show, the temporary nature of the fandom, a record label, etc … Having great songs to lean on is what has propelled Barrett’s career thus far. She’s still raw in many ways, but if someone was selling stock in Gabby Barrett, you’d be wise to purchase.


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