MCG: Somebody Has Upset The Music City Ghost

MCGcar006Wednesday The Music City Ghost Is Not In A Good Mood Today

I Can Still Turn Over Small Rocks on the Ground For I am in Pretty Darn Good Health

The Music City Ghost [File #42] 2015: There have been many postings on Facebook, Twitter and various social media sites asking who the Music City Ghost is and why anyone should believe what he says is true or not.  I can tell you this much for now and I may or may not tell you anymore information.  I was born in 1948 so I have seen a thing or two.  I served in the United States Navy for a good few years and two of those years were in Viet Nam.  When I pee outside my stream is strong enough that I can still turn over small rocks on the ground so I am in pretty darn good health.  I wasn’t born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee but I can tell you that when I came here for permanent residence the now popular “Nashville Shores” was still known as Percy Priest Lake beach.  Instead of the huge water park that it is today, it had one small swimming pool, one hot dog stand, and 4 paddle boats.  Since moving here, I have seen countless changes to the city and surrounding areas.  Some of these changes have been good and a whole lot of them were not good.  You don’t have to believe anything I say in my articles if you don’t want to.  You don’t even have to read them if you wish to ignore me.  I will tell you this however….Everything I write about I have personally experienced or witnessed and I can go to my grave with all these stories or I can share them with the world.  I am not a “Know it all,”  and I am always trying to learn from anyone or anything I can gain an insight from.  You may hate me and you may not believe me but for the time being I am here and I will report things as I see them.

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