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WHISNews21 will be remembered for, How We Lived, Loved and Made Music in the World of Country Music During the Early Part of the 21st Century. Episode 09: another Original WET TV series being a Special Musical tribute to the Independent Superstars. This episode features music videos sung by International Independent Superstars Eileen Carey, “Bottle Your Crazy Up”, Clay Alston, “Memory Lane”, Colé van Dais,”Heartless”, Dave Caley “Let It Roll” & The Wild Ones”, Dan Schafer “Chase Your Dreams”, Only One Little Jimmy and “Sounds Of Loneliness” both written by International songwriters Barbara Blevins and Keith Bradford. This Video is Dedicated to the memory of G.A.Blevins. WHISNews21 is an original Wildhorse Entertainment production by Frans Maritz for WET TV.

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All videos are added to this show for promotional purposes only with the permission of the artist and/or promoters

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