Herman Lammers Meyer On the Road Since 1973

HermannBand005Herman Lammers Meyer 2015 Singer Of The Year

Multiple Award Winning Astist Wins “European Country Entertainer of the Year ECMF”

“ON THE ROAD 1973 – 2015”

Hermann Lammers Meyer Country Legend
Hermann Lammers Meyer Country Legend

Hermann Lammers Meyer, a Country music entertainer from Germany. There is just about no one in Germany his home country that does not knwo who Hermann Lammers Meyer and his band which he formed way back in 1973 the “Emsland Hillbillies” With all his fame and fortune not many Lammers Meyer fans really know what makes Herman so very special. Most just know him as Germany’s number one CountryStar and just an all round good cowboy.

Resting On Country
Resting On Country

Hermann is unique in his genre of Country music. As a young man he was already revolutionary proudly doing his part to further the Texas Outlaw Country music movement in Germany. He was totally facinated by this new country sound coming out of Texas and Nashvill that he repeatedly traveled to Texas in the ’70s to be a part of this era. He found his own style, singing his own songs, recorded multiple songs with Country legends like Willie Nelson, Johnny Bush, Sandy Posey, Billy Walker and Norma Jean. Through all of that his recording along with his band or as  solo  artist, included his remarkable ability to perform his amazing musical stories through his music. With all that under his belt he never deserted his German fans as he sang his heart out on Country songs in German for his country men.

Still Riding Horses

Herman Lammers Meyer has one way or another been travelling down the Country Music road for more than 40 years. Hermann can still be found in some dusty ole one horse town somewhere between Nashville and Germany with detours to New Zealand, Latvia, Texas and the United Kingdom doing what he was born to do, singing and performing country music. If you ever have the honor of attending a Herman Lammers Meyer live show you will experience a totally unique experience yet it will be totally country.

Wildhorse Entertainment wishes Herman Lammers Meyer only the very best and thanks him for dedicating his life to the kind of country we all love so much, Herman Lammers Meyer a real live Country Music Legend.

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