September 2015 IDSS Top 30 Country Download Chart


Wildhorse Independent Superstars Top30 Country Download Chart For September

Congratulations to all the Independent Artists who made it to our, Wildhorse Country Download Chart for September 2015. If you are featured on this chart then your songs have been downloaded hundreds of times to qualify for a position on this chart show. Our download chart show is unique and a one of a kind chart show, as all songs are positioned on this chart strictly on the amount of downloads each song gets on Wildhorse Entertainment.



We’re proud to announce our #1 spot for September 2015 goes to


Brad Tucker finds himself at #1 for the first time on this chart with his latest hit, “Gonna Be A Good Day”. Brad has seen his song struggle to get to the top and yet his fans never gave up on him, they continued to support him and now it has paid off for Brad Tucker as he is our newest #1 chart topper for September 2015. From the looks of Brad’s chart activity this may not be his one and only #1 as there are more of his hits moving up, but for now, Brad can sit on his throne and enjoy the view from the top.


ClayAlstonAnotherRound750[#2] Clay Alston is probably thinking he is stuck here at #2 for yet, “Another Round” as he has been here for three months now tryin to get to #1 again. Clay has had many hits on this chart including a few #1 hits over the past few years and has always been supported very well by his fans. This is a really good song by Clay and he truly deserves a number with “Another Round” so come on y’all “Clay Alston” fans move Clay to the top. Clay works really hard for y’all now’s the time to help him a little, bump him up to #1.

CutlerBoydWastinMyTime750[#3] Independent Superstar Group Cutler Boyd’  moves up one position and lands firmly in the #3 slot on this weeks Top 5. Cutler Boyd’s country hit “Wasting My Time” has proven to be very popular with the downloader’s and could very well take this song to #1. Nothing is impossible it is a good song performed by a top class band so why not, how about it Cutler Boyd fans I know you can do it, so why not just do it for you know how to get your band to #1.

PatrikWorkmanOldElPaso750[#4] “Old El Paso” is Patrik Workman’s first #1 charted song on Wildhorse Independent Superstars Top 30 Country Download chart. Patrik has had many hits over the past few year and his fans have always supported him well. Now Patrick moves down to the #4 spot with this great Country hit. Patrick has never given up on his music and is as Country as Country can be, maybe this will be the first of a long line of number one hit for Patrick Workman as he sings up a storm at “Old El Paso” From the very first time I heard this song I knew it was a hit and I am happy to say the charts have proved it to be.

JulianNevillSix StringsAreHardOnDiamondRings750[#5] Independent Superstar, Julia Neville is looking like she is thinking why am I not moving up and I for one agree with her. She has a great #1 song with, “Six Strings Are Hard On Diamond Rings.” which she has done such a great job singing, that it would be so sad if it does not reach the #1 slot. I appeal to all Julia’s fans to come on out and support Julia she needs you now, its only 4 places to the #1 slot. 

Well that’s our Top 5, the full Top 30 is available at for you to download if you so wish.

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