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LORD SHOW ME WHAT IT IS THAT IS HIDDEN, WHICH YOU  DESIRE FOR ME TO DISCARD, so that I can be out in the open, sharing with all!

HOARDING (give it up) !

Fourteen inches of rain in twenty-four hours had  left our basement- and everything in it- awash in water.  As I viewed all  my stuff floating in the much, I realized that my years of hoarding had finally  caught up with me.
I am a clutter bug.  Every thing I own seems to  have some emotional connection, so I have a hard time discarding or donating  things that people have given me.  My attic, my basement, my cabinets and  even my in box overflow with clutter.  Every once in a while I go on a  tear, thinking.  My children will hate me when I die leaving this mess for  them!  I’m trying to throw out : Wait….this was given to me by my niece,  and if I give it away she may think I don’t value  her.
I know there are people who could really use my  things, but still I hold on tight.  The flood in the basement made the  decision for me:  Everything had to go.  And later, when it was all  gone, I thought about how other stuff – unforgiveness ,   bad  habits,   impatience with my husband, jealousy  toward a  friend-clutters up my spiritual life and keeps me fro focusing on the blessings  God has for me now.
If I  am busy holding on to all of my stuff, then I am not looking at the glorious and  free present and future God has for me.
”  Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on  earth, where moths and rust destroy…but lay up for yourselves treasures in  heaven…For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” -Matthew  6:19-21

Perseverance in  Prayer

In Touch  Ministries,

Romans  12:11-13
As a pastor, I speak with many people about their spiritual journey. From  these interactions, I know that most individuals are not satisfied with their  prayer life. They lack anticipation and faith, and time with God feels empty.  Most likely, this is why many Christians pray so little and so  passionlessly.
Yesterday, we began looking at obstacles to a healthy prayer life. Let’s  explore one more hindrance that blocks vibrant communication between God and us:  impatience.
Most of us have at some point brought our supplication to Jesus vigorously  but did not see the desired results. Unfortunately, humans are, by nature,  fainthearted. We get weary of asking and listening when all we perceive is  silence. Remember, though, that God is not some “cosmic bellhop”; He does not  act on our cue. In fact, if we could see the big picture as He can, we would  gladly wait for His way and time.
Actually, I believe that we benefit by not receiving all that we request.  Understanding this concept is a sign of spiritual maturity. When we are  thoroughly satisfied with the Lord’s presence, our relationship with Him will  flourish, even when we don’t get all we ask. When that is the case, we grasp  what prayer is—not a long want list, but a relationship.
Barriers can develop if we persistently cry out to God but nothing changes.  Continue to pray. Beyond this “wall,” you’ll sense God’s presence, where you  will find peace, joy, and awesome glimpses of His glory. This will be completely  satisfying, even if He never gives you exactly what you requested.
Used with permission from In Touch  Ministries, Inc. © 2009 All Rights Reserved.


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  1. This column really spoke to me.. as I’m one of those hoarders. I’m selling a lot of my
    things to help pay for my music career…. but it doesn’t move fast enough to suit me.
    I need to give a lot of it away too… well, more than I do already. Thanks for sharing this.