Jim Rose Remembers Radio September 13, 2013


SHOCKING NEWS FOR CHICAGO RADIO FANS For the past 27-years Don Wade is morning personality on WLS-890 in Chicago, IL. Don is on the air for 55-years. Since 1989, Don and his broadcasting partner and wife Roma own mornings on WLS-890. Wade who is a Conservative contrasts The Windy City’s left wing political establishment. But he and his lovely wife Roma interview many Chicago area politicians from both parties and at all levels of government. WLS Chicago morning host Don Wade who co-hosts the morning show with his wife Roma on 50 kW Chicago talk station WLS-890 since 1985 retires at the end of 2012 due to brain cancer. On Friday, September 6, 2013 Don Wade loses his battle with brain cancer and dies at 72. Don Wade’s WLS memorial page is www.wlsam.com/.
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LONG TIME CALIFORNIA TV AD CAR DEALER SAYS GOOD-BYE Cal Worthington, a TV fixture who builds a fortune from his West Coast auto dealerships with his folksy car lot TV commercials that urge customers to Go see Cal dies at 92 on Sunday, September 8, 2013. Cal watches football with his family at his Big W Ranch in Orland, CA, just north of Sacramento. The Oklahoma native, who is a decorated bomber pilot during World War II, founds his first dealership in the late 1940s in Southern California. Worthington quickly takes advantage of broadcast advertising. Cal stars in a series of radio and TV spots that feature him in his big white cowboy hat with his dog Spot which turns out to be all kinds of animals from tigers to elephants plus a banjo tune Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal.
DOES DIAL GLOBAL CUMULUS MERGER CREATE A MONOPOLY? Talk Radio Network says that the proposed merger between Dial Global/Westwood One and Cumulus is a dark one for our industry. In its pending antitrust action against Dial Global/Westwood One, TRN complains: If this merger is allowed to occur, the culture of corruption at Dial/Westwood, as described in our second amended complaint, and other filings, will surely infect and spread within the new behemoth entity and victimize the rest of the industry, resulting in a super monopoly. The actions force TRN to cut back to basic operating essentials. ARNN suspends its broadcast operations, effective at the close of its broadcast day on Friday, September 6, 2013, pending the outcome of its actions against Dial Global/Westwood.
PACIFICA FIRES ALL D.C. RADIO STAFF New York public radio station layoffs loom. For the past decade WBAI FM’s debts grow enormous. It’s not often that a radio station executive cries on the air about firing employees. This may be a first. Pacifica Foundation interim executive director Summer Reese cries on the air while she relays the details of a major staff shake-up. This happens on WBAI FM in NYC concerning a huge downsizing at the public radio station. Reese says on the air that 75% of WBAI 99.5 FM staff was being dismissed. The Village Voice reports that Pacifica’s 50-plus-year-old New York noncomm WBAI FM lays off its entire news department and most of the rest of the on-air talent as well. Andrew Phillips, former Pacifica KPFA Berkeley GM rushes in as interim PD.
TRIVIA QUESTION: In the 1960s television censorship raises its head and causes the cancellation of what popular TV show? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *David Faulkner formerly with KTNS-1600 and KFJZ-870 celebrates Sunday, September 15, 2013. •DEIDRE RICHTER exits Senior Regional Sales Director position at Microsoft to new Clear Channel Dallas, TX Market President of its six-station cluster. •KEVIN MACLELLAN 25-year veteran over 12 years with London-based Comcast replaces Jeff Shell as new Chairman of NBCUniversal International. •JEFF SHELL former NBCUniversal International Chairman to run Universal Pictures Studios. •OREN LIEBERMANN CBS O&O KYW TV CH 3 reporter exits for around-the-world cruise with wife Cassie Kramer.


•1954 WPBN TV NBC CH 7 in Traverse City, MI begins broadcasting on September 13th. •1967 BOBBIE GENTRY’s single Ode To Billie Joe goes gold on September 11th. •1972 THE WALTONS 1st broadcast on CBS TV is on September 13th. •1986 REBA MCENTIRE’s single Little Rock grand slams #1 in Billboard Country on September 13th. •1992 LOU JACOBS American clown who appears on a 1966 U.S. postage stamp dies at 89 on September 13th. •2003 JOHNNY CASH dies at Nashville’s Baptist Hospital on September 12th from diabetes, just four months after his wife, June Carter passes away.


FRANK HALEY [News Director KKIM-1000] (Albuquerque, NM) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1229) August 30, 2013 [Friday] Jim, just saw the note in JRRR by  Gary DeLaune. I had Gary on my 1/2 hr interview program on KKIM am 1000 (mykkim.com) While he was in Albuquerque. At 80 years old, Gary is amazing, he remembers all the names of police and others involved in the JFK day 50 years ago in Dallas this Nov 22. He was first to break the news on KLIF that “shots have been fired at the motorcade”… We ran the interview twice last week-end and we’ll “air” it again on Nov. 16 & 17. I don’t know about “the legendary Frank Haley”, but I’m glad I can count Gary DeLaune among my friends. Keep up the good work Jim. Give the doggie a hug for me. Frank Haley  cjf
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CHUCK DUNAWAY [former DJ on WABC-770, KLIF-1190, KBOX-1480, KILT-610] (Houston-Katy, TX) Subject: memories. Jay West’s story in today’s JRRR reminded me that my first time on the air, while a senior at S. F. Austin High in Houston, was at all Spanish KLVL in Pasadena. I was the only English speaking person on the air on Saturdays with the Morales sisters on a program called “Teen Canteen”. Not very original, but it was 1952. The sisters spoke broken English and I was trying to speak “Midwestern”. The station is still owned by the Morales family and is located next to the Morales Funeral home. The KLVL board operator/announcer gave me the encouragement I needed to attempt getting a job on radio when I graduated High School later that year. A few years ago my son in laws father passed away and the funeral services were held at Morales Funeral home. I discovered that one of the sisters is now running the funeral home so I left her my phone number. I thought it would be fun do some reminiscing of 50 years before. There was no call so I get a chance to reminisce now…thanks to you and Jay.
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DAVE DONAHUE [ex KTHT FM, KRLA-870] (Jasper, TX) With interest I observed the THOF? Know little about it, is it that one up in Carthage at the Ritter museum?  (I was pretty close to Tex before he died) (I was not born in the Lone Star State), in fact I have NO HOME STATE. Does that sound like a gypsy? TRUE, Dad an oil worker, and me a DJ. You know the game, went to over 100 schools in 27 states before my senior year at the Allen Military Academy in Bryan, Texas. Feel free to use my personal email address, in fact this is more than likely best for our contacts. I’d like to get to know a lot of other radio people in the big H area with some depth. I am tracking down my history in radio there now. The old brain…very weak on most details now…it was about 56 or 57. Regards, Dave Donahue (real name) Lowell Nunnally aka; Johnny Knight, Mark O Marks, PJ Thomas
TRIVIA ANSWER: Despite its high ratings, CBS cancels The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour TV show in 1969 after a long fight over the show’s controversial content. Tom and Dick Smothers who are singers, musicians, comedians and folk heroes feature several future stars on their TV show including perennial Presidential hopeful and satirist Pat Paulsen, Steve Martin, Mason Williams, Joan Baez, Buffalo Springfield, Cream, Donovan, The Doors, Janis Ian, Jefferson Airplane, Peter, Paul and Mary, Kenny Rogers, Jim Stafford and even Pete Seeger with his advertiser-sensitive music. But it is the Smothers Brothers’ stance on the Vietnam war, drugs, sex and religion that rubs CBS’ censors in the wrong way. CBS President/CEO, William S. Paley, cancels the show on April 4, 1969.
MIKE SHANNON [former WBAP-820] (Dallas-Mesquite, TX) Subject: Next DFW Media Lunch Bunch is Saturday, Sept 21st! …we’re looking for a new place to gather. Humperdink’s has been great with us for a long time now, but they’re running out of room. These days, we’ll easily have 40 people show up, and that about maxes out the atrium. We would like something in that same general vicinity (maybe a 10-mile radius?) that has a dedicated, private dining room for us (you know how loud those radio people talk…lol.) The room must be free, and the venue shouldn’t have a problem writing individual tickets. Just email me with any suggestions. It’d be great to kick off our TEN-YEAR anniversary of the Lunch Bunch with a new home next year. Thanks to all! See you there. You’ll get another reminder as it gets closer. Mike Shannon (www.KNUS99.com)
HOMER SIMPSON [The Simpsons December 17, 1989 to May 19, 2013] Remember, as far as anyone knows, we’re a nice, normal family.
Jim Rose and Lacy
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