VideoPix Show #002 Finally Ready To Be Viewed


The First VideoPix Show Finally Completed Ready To View on YouTube

wildhorse2013s300x225.jpgThe VideoPix Show is produced by Wildhorse Entertainment and The Nashville Broadcasting Network.
All videos shown on this show are produced in Wildhorse Entertainments VideoPix Style by Frans Maritz.
The VideoPix Show will however feature a artists’ regular video if the artist sponsor’s the spot but this will be kept to one sponsor per show.
Therefore you will from time to time see another video not in the VideoPix style featured, as it will be a sponsored feature.
We are not trying to compete with any other shows on the market we really only want to give our VideoPix artists a TV program where their great songs can be featured for all to see. We hope that you will enjoy the show.

Artists and Songwriters Featured on The VideoPix Show #002 are listed below:


This VideoPixShow features Videos produced in Wildhorse Entertainment’s VideoPix Style. Included are several video’s sung by Dan Schafer (Last Date), Suzanna Kay (At The Hands Of A Cheating Heart) Keith Bradford (Tear Stained Pictures), Dana Jordan (I Hope Everyone Has A Sister), Skinny Bill Miller (Big Butt Bibbit What’s That Smell), Cliff Ayers (Sweet Thing), Dave Caley (The Wild Ones) and Dan Schafer (Keith Whitley Your Still On Her Mind) featuring the songwriting of Barbara Blevins, Clyde Birkla, Keith Bradford, Suzanna Kay, Sandra Glassman and Waylon Jennings. Frans Maritz hosts this show from South Africa on the Nashville Broadcast Network out of Nashville Tennessee. The VideoPixShow is a Nashville Broadcast Network NBN TV and Wildhorse Entertainment production.

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  1. Hi, So does it cost to get the videos on this show, or can we just send a video or link to you, for you to add to a new show, that you host. Or is this just a show for KMA/Keith’s artists?
    Thanks Debbie

    • Hi Debbie, this is a TV show specifically created for the VideoPix produced by Wildhorse Entertainment. However dozens of artists and promoters are now also wanting their video’s on this show. The thing is the cost of production is too much for us to carry on our own. That is why I have said that all video’s produced by Wildhorse will be added free as a gift to the artist. After giving this a lot of thought I decided that the only way I can give other artists the advantage of having their song added to the show, is to either let me produce the Videopix and that will qualify for free screening of the video on VIDEOPIX Show, or if the artist has his own video, and wants us to include it in our show then there will have to be a donation towards the show’s production of $50 per song. Even if this is done the video will still have to be passed for worldwide screening on the Videopix Show. It is to be noted that we don’t have any sponsors for the show and all costs are bourn by myself at this time. Your last question is answered very simply, Keith has supported me more than any other, over the past few years and is the reason Wildhorse Entertainment has grown as it has. That is the reason his artists, who have in turn supported me too, feature so prominently. It is no secret that without the unconditional support of Keith’s artists that even the Videopix Show would not have come about. The bottom line is that all the artists that have commissioned me to make their Videopixs, which will include yourself will get their video screened for free. Thanks Debbie hope this answers your question.

  2. Great show, can hardly wait to see show #3. Super job KMA Records and Frans Maritz!!!
    Your staff is amazing.