Thursdays Likileake And The Real Two Dollar Bill


This Likileake Talks Two dollar bills ?


two-2-dollar-billThe two dollar bill: Recently a man tried to pay for his burrito at a Taco Bell with a two dollar bill.  The person at the cash register asked if the man had any other money to pay for it because he had never seen a two dollar bill and didn’t want to get in trouble for taking counterfeit money.  The man asked to talk to the manager.  The manager looked at the two dollar bill and said he had never seen one before and therefore it had to be fake.  The man was trying to be as patient as he could when he showed the two of them where it said, “This note is legal tender for all debts public and private.”  The manager told the man if you don’t leave I will call the police.  Within minutes the mall security was at the counter asking what the problem was.  After carefully examining the two dollar bill he asked the manager what the problem was.  The manager said it was fake.  The policeman said it doesn’t look fake to me.  The manager had never seen such a thing and therefore it was counterfeit.  The man ended up with his burrito for free and a medium soft drink was thrown in for free also.  I think I will go gather up as many two dollar bills as I can find and see what happens when I go shopping.


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  1. My Aunt Barbara used to send me $2 bills, maybe I’ll go shopping too! LOL!