Cheryl K.Warner a Huge Hit On YouTube

 auctionmatitzpixThe Auction now has 2,394,683 views on YouTube

Congratulations goes out to Cheryl K.Warner for the huge wave of success she is enjoying on YouTube. It seems there is no stopping as her latest hit song “The Auction” now has 2,394,683 views to date on YouTube.  Cheryl has dedicated the song and the video to the American farmers. The video was produced by Wildhorse Entertainment and we are all hoping that the song will get to the 10 million mark by December, it is a great song and we all here at WHISNews21 proud to of have been a part of this great song sung by Independent Superstar, Cheryl K.Warner.

Cheryl K. Warner’s video of “The Auction” portrays the emotional imagery of a daughter observing the auction of her father’s farm, her life-long home, filled with many memories.  It is her hope to bring a renewed appreciation for the important work that farmers do, honoring them and asking for better understanding and help when they are in a time of need.  Most people take for granted the food that they eat every day, never stopping to give thanks to the farmer who makes sure that the food they produce finds its’ way to yours’ and my table.  By the time you have listened to this emotional and well written song, sung beautifully by Cheryl K. Warner, another farmer somewhere will have lost his farm and someone, somewhere will go without food tonight.  If you can stand up and say you care, another farmer may find the strength to carry on another day.


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  1. CHERYL K WARNER,,,,,, is a superb recording artist, and very particular of what she records. CONGRATUALTIONS to truly wonderful lady, artist. BOB and I are very proud of her. with hugs Rhon and Bob

    • I totally agree and wish Cheryl K continued success which she most assuredly deserves. I love my dear friend and every song she’s ever recorded. BRAVO, CHEERS & HUGS, Judy