Independent Superstars Worldwide Radio Show #61

This week your song will to be played on all the

International Internet Radio Stations listed below
Keith Bradford on NBRN.FM Nashville
Patty Patrick on ST Florian am Inn Austria
DJ Thilo on Pur-Country Germany

Jerry Mac on Country Music Planet USA
DJ Dusty on Radio 4 Netherlands
Frans Maritz WHIS Wildhorse Internet Radio
Here is the playlist for the Independent Superstars Show #61 on NBRN.FM Nashville Monday evening 26th  February at 7pm CST and repeated Tuesday the 27th of February at 10am CST. This show is also aired in Austria, Germany, Holland and South Africa. On behalf of all the Independent Artists featured on this show we thank the DJ’s Keith Bradford from Nashville NBRN.FM, Patty Patrick from Austria St Florian AM, DJ Thilo from Germany Pur-Country, Jerry Mac of Country Music Planet USA and DJ Dusty from Holland NW Radio 4, and not forgetting all the listeners who will be listening in, thank you, thank you, thank you….

Here Is The Playlist For

The Independent Superstars Show # 61


Clay Alston – Nashville Star

Shane Worley – Waltzing Magarita

Hermann Lammer Meyer & Sandy Posey – Games Poeple Play

Rich Baker – Adios Amigo

Benny Berry – The Healin Has Happened

Steve Adkins – Old School Country

Allen Karl – As Sure As I Am Standing Here

Kris Hollis Key – Standing On A Rock

Ron Parker – You’re My Girl

Donna Cunningham – Don’t Tell Me That You’re Gone

Wayne Jacobs – I Want My Daddy

Tattoo Billy – Southern Cumfort State Of Mind

Dean Leach – The Right Of The People

Keith Bradford – Miller Road [2012Remix]

Stephen A. Love – Lonesome Town

Johnathan East – Hillbilly Music

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