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My Dear Inspiration Station Friends

Christmas GreetingsThis is by far my favorite time of year , hope it is yours also. Always makes me light up with thinking of what Jesus had done by coming down from heaven as a child for us. His birth is a miracle, his life a dedication of love. I hope that you will read in the midst of this busy Christmas time different psalms in the bible. Read and enjoy, let it be a special time of you with Jesus. Look for different things in the bible that will give you hope, and the true realization that you are not alone, God is with you!

ChristmasPut time aside to be with JESUS. Although it has been a year of losing one of my dearest friends in music JAMES ALLEN, knowing he is with Jesus is a major blessing! Many have written me they have also lost loved ones this year, or had major illness, tragedies of all kinds, and this truly makes me aware that we all need prayer. Become a Prayer Warrior, when HELPING & PRAYING for others you will also help yourself. I send my wishes to YOU for a special relationship with Jesus.
Bible Along with this…… good health, strong positive relationships in your life, improved finances, love and miracles and peace in 2013.  Please read below, and know Jesus loves you, and always will. As we celebrate HIS birth, please remember there are many that do not know him, please share his message of salvation  in the Holy Bible . John 3:16
JesusI heard the message below on a Sunday morning listening to Dr/Pastor David Jeremiah, and I hope it blesses you as it has blessed me…. …. “WHAT HAVE I TO BE THANKFUL FOR ?”…. ( CHURCH SERVICE…. TURNING POINT ) Question: Does your spirit have a greatfulness to God? It is important to remember God is a God of Grace! God lives above the circumstances ! It is best to DEVELOP a DISCIPLINE in your life- if will carry you through good and rough times” CULTIVATE COMMUNION WITH GOD- PRAISE HIM ! God is still with you- he sees the whole picture. TRUST HIM! Be thankful in spite of any pain you are going through, mental, physical, relationship, job, family, friends. I repeat…… God is still with you- he sees the whole picture. ! TRUST HIM ! (read… Ephesians 5:20, Philippians 4:6, Thessalonians 5:18 )
BellsWhen you see hurt and suffering around you REACH OUT ! “Today is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice”. Nothing changes your sullen mood faster than helping someone else. Make A list of your blessings, think positive, enjoy the realization we are about to enter a new year (2013) …you can see it as a blessed turning point in your life !
REMEMBER: “WHAT HAVE I TO BE THANKFUL FOR ???? “ If you know and have accepted Jesus as your Savior you are on the RIGHT PATH!
Rhon & Bob Keep going to Frans site great way to start off 2013 !
I am thankful to have my Inspirational column on his site, it is written to inspire YOU, go to http://www.wildhorse.co.za/home/ invite your friends , family and business people you know to go, it is chock full of pertinent information, great music, articles, news about artists, music, and list goes on and on.

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  1. Wonderful Christmas message, one that can inspire us all year. Christmas is my favorite time
    of year as well. I’m sure this applies to many of us. I hope your column blesses many and helps
    them as they go about all the preparations of this amazing season. Merry Christmas to all reading
    this! Blessings, Judy Welden

  2. Merry Christmas Rhonnie! Thanks for writing this song for me and The Messengers which includes around 200 talented artists and music people…Here’s the video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMKIk-6Kw4w

    • Thanks James, you put your heart into Embrace the World This Christmas and included so many top people in it, We are grateful for all you are doing to spread “PEACE” with the song. We get awesome remarks from DJ’s, artists, charts, and labels with your powerhouse singing and people you brought in to make this a classic song. Special thanks to FRANS with his help on the song. God bless you, MERRY CHRISTMAS to your wife , you and your Dad, Rhon and Bob