Likileaks #4 Isn’t Facebook Where You Put Your Face?

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Likileaks File #4 Isn’t Facebook where you put your face?

facebook-logoEveryone these days seems to be all upset with Facebook. They are posting their frustrations about copyright infringement on their personal information. I don’t get it myself. If someone doesn’t want their likeness, birthday, city and state that they reside in, and whatever else is on their page, then why did they put it on there in the first place? I see every day information on individuals on their page about themselves and family members that shouldn’t be listed there but who am I to tell that person they shouldn’t do that? My way of thinking is if you don’t want people to know your business then don’t put it on the Internet. The Information Highway as it is called is just that….. INFORMATION. You can’t even post a video on the world wide web without the risk of someone downloading it for personal or financial gain. So if you don’t want this to happen to you then don’t put it on there. Am I wrong here? Please someone tell me I am all wet.

Let me know your feelings on this.

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