British Farmer Dies In South Africa Because His White

Bloemfontein – A British man who fell in love with South Africa was brutally killed on the dream farm that he wanted to turn into a nature reserve on Saturday night.

Chris Preece, 54, died and his wife Felicity, 56, was seriously injured when three black men attacked them with knives and pangas on their Ficksburg farm.

The dogs were believed to have been poisoned after Preece took them out one last time that night.

He became worried when they didn’t come back and the attack took place shortly afterwards.

“The robbers threw her [Felicity] against the walls, slashed her with knifes and left her for dead covered in blood.

“And for what? A bit of money, a wallet and a few cellphones,” said daughter-in-law Jeanné Preece

“I tell people this wasn’t a farm murder! He wasn’t a farmer. He was in love with this land.”

Preece said her father-in-law wanted to turn his farm Fleur de Lys into a nature reserve and rehabilitation centre for owls and cheetahs.

The geo-engineering consultant was originally from the United Kingdom and worked in Johannesburg, spending only weekends on the farm, while his wife and relatives lived on the farm.

The murdered man’s wife also sustained a skull fracture but was said to be in a stable condition in hospital.

The three men are still on the run.

If you are white and in South African, even though you may be British, your chance of being murdered in an inhuman way is excellent. The genocide soldier is not concerned where you come from they just want to exterminated us. Our sincere condolences to his family.

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    • Thank you Mike, but I dont believe that Hannity is not aware of the South African Genocide, he too must be prohibited from raising the subject. There is a universal cover up of this crime against humanity, but I thank you and wish you luck in making contact with Hannity, I too am a fan of Hannity, will keep my fingers crossed that you succeed.

  1. This is happening on a daily basis in South Africa. These savages kill our white farmers on the most brutal ways you can imagine. It is not uncommon for them to skin their victims, putting babies in boiling water or burning 90 year old grandmothers with an iron until she dies. All of these are kept out of the mainline news because the ANC does not want the outside world to know about it.

    • Piet that is why I try to bring these murders to the attention of the world. I have been critized for it but I will from time to time keep adding these genocide murders on WHISNews21 for the world to see. The truth needs to be told. Thank you for commenting I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

      • I am glad that somebody tries to make this public to the world. It is like a silent war going on. All the so called “first world” countries had mouths full to say years back with the old apartheid government. Now worse things are going on in South Africa and those same countries do not say a world. They just look at the mess they created and smile. Anybody can search for “farm murders south africa” or “genocide south africa” and you will see all these horrific reports. Those reported are not only 1 percent of what is really going on.

        Not only the farm murders, but blatant racism against whites are also a general appearance. Our white children do not get jobs anymore. People are signed up in jobs according to their skin colour and not according to their skills or knowledge.

        • Click on this youtube link and watch one of my videos and you will know that I care about what is going on here in South Africa

  2. I just read this article, and tears are running down my face. This is beyond horrible what they did to these fine people and dogs, such hate is a sickness for sure. Thank you for keeping us aware of the horrors to white people in South Africa.
    Prayers with all the good people that live there.

    • Rhon the only reason I add some, and I say some of these horrific murders, as there are to many to publish, is because I just feel the world needs to be aware of what is going on here. There are still people in our world that believe we deserve to die in this horrific cruel and barbaric way. We never know who is next. In all my lifetime, I have never seen or heard of such cruelty to fellow human beings in South Africa, and I emphasize the world never, no matter what you may have heard or read or made to believe in the past. The worst is that our situation is coming to America slowly but surely