Famous Evangelist Endorses James Marvell

Famous Evangelist Endorses James Marvell

James Marvell is a finalist on My Raw Deal, a Reality TV Show filmed in Orlando Florida. You can watch a re-enactment of the James Marvell story titled ‘Celebrity Dirt’ by going to http://www.myrawdeal.com

Marvell has had top stars in the music industry acknowledge his accomplishments. He sold millions of records and has appeared on the covers of CDs, videos and major TV shows for the last 45 years but he has not received a penny in royalties.

A film on the life of Marvell’s friend Reverend Leroy Jenkins has been released. It showcases movie legends such as Faye Dunaway and Robert Wagner. Jenkins has now endorsed the James Marvell story. Take a look at the recent video of Marvell’s November 18th appearance on the Leroy Jenkins Crusade in Tampa Florida and then cast your vote for ‘Celebrity Dirt’ The James Marvell story at www.myrawdeal.comVoting ends November 27.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzsT18tSKJI?rel=0]

PLEASE VOTE for CELEBRITY DIRT !!!!!! James Marvell would be most thankful- Rhon

YOU can find MARVELL on as ‘Celebrity Dirt’ ( He’s not listed as James Marvell at the Voting ). Subj: My story ‘Celebrity Dirt’ ( voting ends Nov 27 ) please forward

~ 30 second video clip from Branson
Vote for ‘Celebrity Dirt’
The James Marvell story at www.myrawdeal.com (see re-enactment)
( Scroll down at ‘my raw deal’ link to vote
Voting ends TODAY Nov 27thanks! )
TO ALL VOTING, HUGE THANKS! ANY questions email James Marvell at
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uhv1vHkcEI?rel=0]

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  1. If ever there is a man that has climbed up the ladder of success and got on the major charts it is JAMES MARVELL. What they did to him (look at video) you will see he got a VERY raw deal. Thanks for folks like FRANS WHISNews21 helping James…. both men are to be complimented for all they do for the Indie music. Blessings and hope we can celebrate with James if and when he wins…. I know many around the world have voted for him. James has a GREAT voice, emotion, presentation and picks great songs. GO….GO…GO JAMES, WIN FOR ALL OF US.


    • Thank you James, I am very pleased to tell you that I am getting more and more visitors every day. People are very kind to me and I appreciate all their support including yours. I know that their are many people with Raw Deals on the show you are competing on and some of them also deserve to perhaps win, but you are our candidate and you are our Superstar therefore you are the one that we want to see win. If that’s fair or not is debatable, but in my opinion your RAW DEAL was as RAW as any deal could ever be, so we wish you all the luck and good wishes and hope that when the votes are counted you are the winner. I would very much like to run an article which says: “James Marvell is the winner and takes the RAW DEAL title”