Barbara Rainey Quotes Darrow, Right Or Wrong

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“The first half of our lives is ruined by our parents and the second half by our children!”

Clarence Darrow

“But grandchildren are the bomb!”
Hope your week is a blessing, even if it is in disguise!!

Clarence Darrow


Today, Clarence Darrow is remembered for his reputation as a fierce litigator who, in many cases, championed the cause of the underdog; because of this, he is generally regarded, for better or worse, as one of the greatest criminal defense lawyers in American history.

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  1. Thanks Barbara for your weekly quote we all look forward to reading it very much. We also know that they are quotes and that they are not your own opinions but opinions from famous people who are either still living or who have passed on. I thought I would take the time to add my opinion on this quote as even though Clarence Darrow has a point there, my experience is very different. I have been blessed with great parents and great children and I will never complain about the way my parents treated me or the way my children are treating me. As my Father passed away more than 15 years ago I have grown to love him even more today than ever before. My only regret is that while he was still living I could have visited him more, done more for him and told him more times how much I love him. If I may give any advise it would be for Children to tell their parents more times than they feel they want to, that they love them while they are still alive. I also know that some parents are also to blame but if you as the child keeps on reminding the parent how much he or she is loved by you, it could make them better parents and this goes both ways parents can also follow this formula, Like they keep on saying in all these new 2012 movies where magic is involved, “Love Is The Most Powerful Magic Of All”