Have You Got Crazy People Living Next Door ?

Sleeping With Snakes, Crazy Man

The most important thing is to feed it on time – otherwise the results may be dreadful.

The world has become a place where the crazy live right next door to you, and the biggest problem to us is that they look just like us, yet they are without doubt not living in the same world as we are for their ideas makes them worlds apart from a normal person who knows what is safe to keep in the house and what is not. Now if you ask a crazy person if he is crazy, he will naturally say no, in fact, he will look at you as though you are the crazy one. So if your next door neighbor who may even be a respectable Doctor or Senator has a pet, you would not think it to be out of the ordinary at all. However if you find out that his pet is a huge snake, I mean a snake that could come straight out of a Hollywood Horror movie, and not some battery-powered snake from Toys-R-Us either, and he just happens to live next door to you with this huge snake, then will you be as bold as to call him crazy? or will you be politically correct and say Oh that’s Ok he has the right to choose his pet’s. If you are asking me, I would say yes, he is crazy and I would be crazy to live next door to him and it will be time for me to call UHaul, or any other moving company, as he will not be moving, I will have too. That sounds crazy to me too. The world is a strange place to live in these days the man with the snake has a right to live where he wants, but the good clean and fresh, God-fearing, man next door does not have the right to not live next to a crazy person with a huge snake. If he fears for his life, as he believes the snake may find his way out of the house next door one night, and come looking for midnight snack at his house as he is the nearest, then he must move, and that is just even more crazy.

How would you feel if your neighbor is the one in the picture above,

would you feel safe in your home ?

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